Four Employee Perks and Benefits Your Business Should Be Offering

Four Employee Perks and Benefits Your Business Should Be Offering
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    The benefits package you offer your staff can say a lot about your business as a potential place to work.


At a time when attracting the best talent, and then keeping that talent on board can make or break a venture, being able to show by the contents of your benefits and perks programs that you are a company that offers a pleasant and employee-focused working experience, can really pay dividends.

So, aside from the usual things like a 401K and health plan, should you be offering to win over the best applicants interviewing for your vacancies?

Here is a by no means exhaustive list of four very popular perks and benefits:

Employee Assistance Programs

A good employee assistance program like the ESI EAP can do a lot for your staff. It can actually pay off for your business too in terms of productivity and motivation.

These programs offer services that can help staff (and sometimes also their immediate families) with all kinds of issues that may impact their ability to work at their best – from legal problems through to mental health issues. They can also offer training resources, career guidance and mentoring, to help your staff attain their own goals within the business. Some of the best EAPs even have personal trainers and nutritionists who can help staff get in better shape!

Relaxed Dress Codes

For staff who are not customer facing, having a relaxed dress code or no dress code at all can make a big difference, both in terms of comfort and in terms of not having to fork out money for special clothes they only wear to the office. People who work in some fields like IT and advertising have gone in this direction for a couple of decades now since managers realized that there was no real reason for computer programmers who never meet with clients face to face to wear business attire.

Flexible Working Hours

Another perk that employees tend to appreciate is the ability to work flexible hours. Being able to start slightly later or earlier can allow someone to miss rush hour. Being expected to make a certain number of hours a week but not starting and finishing at fixed times means people can manage their own lives better – perhaps working late a few nights so they can leave early on a day when they have an appointment or need to go to their child’s parents’ evening.

Home Working

While not all roles are suited to home working, many are – at least some of the time. This can be an even bigger boon than flex-time, allowing staff to avoid the commute altogether and be at home for things like deliveries or maintenance visits, or to look after their children without shelling out for childcare during school vacations.

These are four benefits that rate very highly with staff, so if you are not currently doing them, it can be a good idea to look at where they could be implemented within your business.



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