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Three Ways To Avoid Back Pain When You’re At Your Desk All Day During A Hectic Business Period

Three Ways To Avoid Back Pain When You’re At Your Desk All Day During A Hectic Business Period
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    Sometimes, running a business can involve putting in a lot of hours, and during these stressful periods, it is easy to let your health take a back seat to what needs to be done.


Provided these super busy periods are only temporary, this is usually OK. Some late nights and living off take-out food for a little while won’t do you any long-term harm, and you can enjoy taking better care of yourself once things calm down.

However, some of the health effects of working at a desk a lot can manifest themselves quite quickly and can make life uncomfortable during an already stressful time. A good example of this is back pain. Desk posture and even just the effects of sitting down for long periods can lead to upper and lower back pain, and even things like sciatica, which can cause pain to spread down your legs and feet and make sleeping difficult.

If you are working hard right now, here are three things you can do to avoid or soothe back pain that won’t eat into your time too much.

Use A Foam Roller

Foam rollers have become very popular with fitness fanatics, as they can help break down muscular tension after intense training. However, they are also excellent for relieving muscular tightness brought on by being in a seated position for long periods. They can also help prevent and treat things like sciatica. A foam roller basically gives the same sort of relief as a massage, but because it’s something you can do by yourself whenever you have some free time and need the relief, it can be much more convenient solution. Check out for more information on using foam rollers.

Do Some Yoga Stretches

You are unlikely to have time to make a yoga class while you are in a hectic period with work, but there are some basic stretches you can learn from online tutorials that help stretch out the back and relieve back pain. A good example is a pose called the ‘pigeon’, which can stretch out a muscle called the piriformis. The sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis, and so tightness here is often the cause of sciatic pain.

Take a Hot Bath

Another good approach is to soak in a hot bath – with some Epsom salts if possible. This can soothe aching muscles and prevent tension building up, and since you are going to need to get clean anyway, is a much better option to help against back pain than taking a shower.

Naturally, if you have more time, doing some exercise is the best option, as well as things like massage therapy. However, if you need to find something that will help when you have very little time to work with, any or all of these options should provide some relief from tension and back pain caused by spending too long hard at work!



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