5 Tips for Decking Out Your Business’s LinkedIn Page

5 Tips for Decking Out Your Business’s LinkedIn Page
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    LinkedIn is commonly thought of as a place to connect job seekers with jobs.

    This might have been the case in its early years, but it has morphed over the years into a site to get engaging content for business people.


This move has accelerated since Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. If your business doesn’t have an up to date LinkedIn page then your company is losing out on potential talent and clients.

Decking out your business’s LinkedIn company page can pay real dividends and is an important marketing step for all companies. When adopting these 5 tips, it’s important to make sure that you follow certain LinkedIn etiquette. This means that you need to direct your company page to business people. You need to make sure that you avoid drama and controversy. Don’t post memes no matter how cute they might seem. Keep things positive and don’t post about problems unless you are also posting about solutions.

Create Engaging Content

The most important way to deck out your LinkedIn company page is with engaging content. Engaging content captures readers and attracts potential clients. It should include actionable information that can be used by decision makers. Readers need to know that you can solve problems that they might not even be aware they have. The content can be produced either in-house or outsourced, but it’s important that the content is relevant and shareable. Keep your content evergreen so that someone visiting your page a year later still finds the content useful. Don’t overlook graphics. The post should utilize good thumbnails and should have two or three relevant pictures to capture the essence of the story.

Update Your Page Regularly

Updating your page regularly goes hand in hand with creating engaging content. Updates can be website links, short news updates, and other sharing of relevant content from industry influencers. If you have white papers, sharing them on LinkedIn can help make your company page a true resource. Does your CEO have his own LinkedIn page? Share his engaging content and relevant updates on your page. The idea is to turn your page into a resource to attract talent and attract potential clients.

Use a Professional Profile and Header Graphic

The first image people see of your company is your header graphic and your thumbnail profile picture. These graphics need to convey what your company is all about and it needs to be done in a very professional way. Your profile picture should be a thumbnail-sized company logo. Your header should be a different graphic that tells a story about your company. Don’t be afraid to regularly update your header graphic, but keep your thumbnail the same since it’s your company’s identity.

Look at Other Company Pages

There is a significant amount of trial and error when putting together a decked out LinkedIn page. Take a look at other companies’ pages, such as that of Nu Skin, and see what they are doing to positively interact with customers. You can see what they are doing and emulate them, when possible, on your company’s page. LinkedIn highlights what they consider to be the 10 Best Company Pages every year. Take a look and see how these pages utilize updates, engaging content, and graphics.

Look at the Analytics

Any improvement process should be based on real data and LinkedIn provides solid data on how your updates and content are being interacted with. You’ll want to check this data out regularly. You’ll start to see which content your followers are engaging more with so you can provide more of it. You’ll want to pay attention to your followers and what content they devour from your page. Provide more of it to keep them satisfied. The data will tell you a story if you are willing to listen.

Take advantage of these 5 tips and deck out your business’s LinkedIn page. You’ll have a page that is engaging, visually appealing, professional, and a go-to place for information on your company and industry. It will pay you dividends through better talent and more clients.



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