3 Updates to Try When Your Business Is Showing Its Age

3 Updates to Try When Your Business Is Showing Its Age
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    It sometimes takes a long time to get a business up and running and built into a thriving, successful enterprise.


In fact, sometimes it can take so long to get a business up and running successfully that by the time you finally achieve it, some of the tools you started with to get you going are old and outdated. Flyers and leaflets that you worked so hard on can suddenly become irrelevant in the world of social media and digital marketing and the fax machine you spent so much money on can suddenly become useless in an age of PDF’s and e-mail.

When your business is starting to show it’s age, here are three great updates to try.

Go Digital

You may have noticed that you get fewer and fewer pieces of “junk mail” these days in your own mailbox. This is because more and more businesses are moving to digital marketing. Not only is digital marketing more environmentally friendly (no flyers and catalogs filling up landfills) but it’s more targeted as well. Digital and social media marketing can tell you exactly who your material is getting sent to and even more importantly, who is looking at it.

Get a Facelift

If you have a thriving business, you already have a fairly recognizable brand. You don’t want a completely new and unrecognizable face, you want a discreet nip here and tuck there to give your business a fresher, more youthful appearance while still displaying the wisdom and maturity that helped you get where you are. Hiring a great designer or a firm like Arc and Co. can help you keep what’s important and spin it in a new and exciting way.

Go Mobile

In an increasingly mobile world, it is important for businesses to not only have a strong digital presence, but a strong mobile one. If you don’t have an app or your particular business is not conducive to one, you need to have at the very least a mobile first site. As opposed to the “mobile friendly” sites of a decade ago, mobile first means your website is first and foremost tailored for a mobile audience and then secondly for desktop users.

As your business ages, it’s going to be important to engage in regular updates to a number of practices and policies to help you stay current and competitive. From changes in labor laws to new forms of marketing, business owners have to stay current on not only what is trending but what is quickly becoming a thing of the past. These three updates will help you compete in today’s modern marketplace.

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