5 Smart Business Exit Strategies to Consider for Your Business Plan

5 Smart Business Exit Strategies to Consider for Your Business Plan
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    All great business planning documents make a clear exit plan which outlines the most probable exit strategy from the very beginning.


It might appear to be odd to build up a business exit plan before, to foresee the day you will leave the business; however, potential investors want to know the long-term plans. The business exit plans should be clear since they will manage how you run the business.

Below are some of the common business exit strategies and considerations nowadays for planning purposes.

1. Initial Public Offering

IPO once used to be an ideal model and the immediate way to wealth. In any case, since the Internet bubble burst happened in 2000, the IPO rate has dramatically declined each year until 2010. It is currently at around 15%. I don’t advise this way to deal with new businesses nowadays. Investors are demanding, and obligation concerns are high.

2. Merger and Acquisition

This generally implies merging with a similar organization or being purchased by a bigger organization. This is a profitable circumstance while bordering organizations have correlative skills, and can spare assets by joining. For bigger organizations, it’s a more proficient and faster approach to increase their revenue than making new products organically.

3. Selling to Someone Who is Friendly

This isn’t Merger and Acquisition because it isn’t consolidating two companies into one. However, it’s an awesome method to “cash out.” The perfect buyer is somebody who has more aptitudes and enthusiasm on the operational part of the business, and can also scale it.

4. Making a Cash Cow

If your business has a consistent revenue stream and pays off shareholders, then you can find somebody (who can be trusted) to operate it for you. You can utilize the rest of the money to build up your next incredible project. You hold proprietorship and benefit from the annuity. In any case, the cash cow will require steady bolstering to remain solid.

5. Liquidation and Close

Indeed, even lifetime business owners can decide that nothing more is to be done. One frequently ignored exit strategy is just shutting down, close the doors and liquidate. There might be a natural disaster, or the market could implode. Make runs in advance so you don’t wind up sinking down along with the ship.

The sort of business you pick ought to rely upon your objectives, and how you expand it ought to be lined up with the exit strategy. Don’t hold up till you are stuck in an unfortunate situation to consider an exit. Rather, consider it a progression design or successful transition.

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