5 Ideas for Advertising a Startup

5 Ideas for Advertising a Startup
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    Startups are often founded by professionals with little experience in running a business.

    Their role consists of coming up with ideas and perfecting the product, but there's a whole other side to business that tends to get neglected.


A small business needs to be advertised right away and with vigour in order to remain competitive and get noticed in a crowded market. This is something that needs to be planned for from day one in order to have a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Startups need to find ways to reach the younger audience, and the best way to do it at this point is to create high-quality videos. Younger clients watch more online videos than any generation before and they enjoy all formats from high-production vlogs to unedited live streams.

This type of advertising creates an opportunity to showcase your products from the user’s perspective and to give a glimpse of how your business operates behind the scenes. It’s also one of the least expensive ways to advertise, because the equipment is easy to find and videos can be produced by the staff.

Corporate events

It often gets forgotten that a big portion of marketing efforts shouldn’t be oriented towards the customers, but towards the industry itself. That’s how deals are made and reputations are created.

A lot can be said about the role of corporate events in accomplishing these goals. Events are relatively inexpensive to organize and they bring the entire industry to your doorstep.

It’s important to have in mind that the events are usually the goal in itself, but there still needs to be some sort of narrative surrounding it. That way you know what kind of activities can fill out the time between the deals getting made.

Promotional products

Promotional products have been around for decades and there’s a reason why that is the case. Simply put, promotional products work and they have a far-reaching influence especially when you factor in how low-cost this type of advertising is. The key is to choose products that match your style.

There’s no limit to what personalized products you can use as long as they are easy to move around and share. Most companies start with hats, mugs, pencils, USB drives and other office supplies that can easily be branded and given away to as many people as possible.


Remarketing efforts are often just an afterthought, and they shouldn’t be, because they are one of the most effective and most lucrative marketing strategies. Those who visit the company website without making a purchase can still be saved and brought back to the company with an effective email campaign.

Partly, this campaign needs to rely on the technology that can pinpoint the reason why a customer has left the site, but it also needs to be about a well-crafted email that speaks to the needs of the lost customer. That means that regardless of the software you’re using, talented content writers should be your most important asset.

Advertising a small startup needs to be done with a comprehensive strategy in mind. It doesn’t have to be an expensive practice, but it needs to cover both offline and online channels and it needs to be organized based on the needs of the customers.

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