6 Threats Small Businesses Should Worry About

6 Threats Small Businesses Should Worry About
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    Small businesses need to be ready to tackle a lot of obstacles on their way to success.

    First and foremost, there's always competition that's fighting for the same customers and that's become increasingly difficult now when marketing campaigns are becoming less expensive.


There are also governmental rules and regulations that can take the wind out of any company. A lot of the time, there are also additional expenses that aren’t calculated in the initial business plan, which means a small company is always looking for a new investment.


A lot of small businesses list taxes as their biggest concern, at least in the first year, which is also the hardest one. Taxes take more of your earning than business owners expect they will and there are also payments related to employee’s paychecks that tend to add up.

Preparing for the tax season is also a cost that can’t be neglected. A tax attorney is a necessary addition to a small business team and their services are usually rather expensive. However, it’s worth it because they can save you a lot of money in the long run, just by being familiar with the tax code in detail.

Employee Injuries

employee issues

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Employees are the most valuable part of any company, but they could also be the source of a lot of unnecessary expenses. Health insurance and accidents insurance are usually paid per employee and depend on the size of their salary.

Sometimes, employee injuries happen regardless of how much you try to avoid them. This is an expense that you can’t plan for and that usually goes beyond just medical costs. All you can do in order to avoid this obstacle is to always have some savings available.

Slow demand

Every business has a bad couple of weeks or even a bad couple of months. There’s not always an explanation of why the demand gets slow – it could be about an increase in competition or the result of problems in the economy at large.

One of the ways of dealing with this problem before it arises is to have a special professional relationship with a larger business. That means that they purchase some of your goods and services in advance and, therefore, you have some sort of certain income regardless of how bad the times get.


business loans

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Small businesses depend on loans just to get things started, but also to run day to day tasks that often add up to be more expensive than the launch itself. It’s a necessity in the business world, but it’s also one of the biggest threats to business stability. The rates are often rather steep and the bills keep coming even if a business isn’t doing that well.

The only way to avoid these perils is to rely on your own funds as much as you can. Obviously, this also means that your personal funds are on the line, but that’s the price of financial freedom.

Data breaches

Customer data is the most important asset a business can have. It determines the marketing campaign a business can lead and makes it more personal and more user- friendly. It does the same with customer services, which is even more lucrative in some lines of work.

This also presents a threat because data can be lost or stolen by another party and this could basically end the business in an instance, since it can’t be trusted anymore. Modern businesses need to be on top of the latest digital security trends.


business breaches

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Business security is one of the most important concerns a small business can have. First of all, the expenses that come with a break-in are staggeringly high because they usually entail changing the locks and sometimes even the location itself. It’s also something that can damage your reputation greatly, which is much harder to recover from than a simple break-in.

The biggest part of a good security system is to make sure you have enough cameras in place. Installing a JD Security video management system keeps you covered in case of break-ins, but also reduces shrinkage because it keeps track of employees as well.

These threats could seriously harm a small business and they can be avoided with the right amount of planning and foresight. Try to think about them before they damage your bottom line.

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