New Age Networking: How Social Networking Might Kill Your Business

New Age Networking: How Social Networking Might Kill Your Business
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    For the longest time, networking has been an integral part of building any business.

    Through this strategy, a business is able build its brand and spread it to the public.


Ultimately, what that means is, you guessed it, a wide loyal customer base. Today, in a world where the internet runs almost everything, social media networking is one of the most essential keys to a successful business.

Unfortunately, the same could run down a business in an instant. Social networking requires a lot of input that many businesses render unnecessary. The end result? Stagnant business growth in the face of blood thirsty competitors.

With that said, here are some social networking mistakes that could, well, very easily destroy a business.

1. Being Everywhere At Once

Trying to juggle your way through too many social media platforms at the same time only hurts your business. You don’t buy that? No? Here’s a breakdown.

Being on too many platforms makes monitoring a headache. Besides that, it’s difficult to fully understand the mood of your following in each of these platforms. Ultimately, getting any actual results becomes an impossible task.

So what should you do instead? Establish about three platforms where most of your prospects spend their time. Focus on those particular sites; build a relationship with that particular audience for the best results.

2. Ignoring Feedback

Whether positive or negative, feedback let’s you in on what exactly the online crowd feels about your business. The worst mistake you can possibly make is neglecting feedback; especially the negative type.

Negative comments point out your business’s weakness and may actually serve as a lesson. The best way around this is response. Take in the message and craft a suitable answer. This speaks volumes about your customer handling abilities.

What’s more, it gives you the chance to understand your customer needs. It also helps establish that much needed up close relationship with your online customer base.

3. Assuming Any Content Is Good Enough

Posting content requires a strategy. Why? Content is your main arsenal on any social media platform.

Posting similar content is one major mistake that most businesses make. It creates the impression that you have nothing more to give. Eventually, the crowd gets bored and moves on to greener pastures.

Another mistake is posting too much. The thing is, no matter how interesting the content might be, too much of it is a nuisance. The online crowd is not only picky, it practically runs those streets. Flooding your audience with unnecessarily information is only going to push them away.


Social media networking is a field best trod carefully. Take time with it; understand your online audience. This way you know exactly what to dish out and when to do it.

You know another networking strategy that will work to your advantage? Promoting other people’s content in your site and social media. So what are you waiting for; share and spread this content everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever; help others grow as you do so yourself.

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