What Small Businesses Need to Know About Information Technology

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Information Technology
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    What is Information Technology?

    Information Technology is the managing of information and data by use of Computer Technology.


The field of Information Technology comprises of areas such as Computer Software, Computer hardware, and other related devices employed in the processing, storage, transfer, and dissemination of data.

This transfer of data can be in a Personal Computer, mobile phone, television or any other medium. Every time you decide to download or stream a movie, send an email or communicate with anyone via your phone, you are using IT services.

Some of the areas of study that fall under the Information Technology field include

  • Computer programming.
  • Web developing and Design.
  • Database development.
  • IT security.

Importance of Information Technology in business

The success and prosperity of every business are dependent on several factors. One of the main factors that each organization puts into consideration is choosing the right technology.

Information technology provides you with the tools needed to analyze specific data that will guide you in planning your business journey accordingly.

Below are some of the areas in which Information Technology plays a vital role:

Decision making

Every successful business needs to do extensive market research which will help in making the right decision. With the help of Information Technology, market research can now be done using online group discussions, blogs, forums, online surveys and online interviews.

Businesses can also embrace the use of Google Analytics, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and Big data to acquire data that will help in decision making.

Marketing and Business Growth

The heart of every business lies in its marketing strategies. The management needs to identify the target audience and understand the trends.

Information Technology has introduced a new way through which the businesses can market their products; Digital Marketing. With the use of SMS, Email marketing, PPC (Pay per Click) and Social media marketing.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

For a high rating in customer satisfaction, we need a real-time customer support process.

Information Technology has proved to be the solution in this. It has provided enough tools which a business can use to reach and contact their customers in real time. They include Social media, webinars, member platforms, emails, texts and online newsletters.

Jobs in Information Technology

The field of Information Technology is growing at a fast rate. An increase of smart, Internet-connected gadgets and devices is one of the factors. A statistic carried out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there will be a 15.4% increase in IT manager jobs from 2014 t0 2024.

The most common position for starters in the IT field is the support specialist. For the interns and entry-level workers, their work is to troubleshoot IT operations issues and ensure that the IT infrastructure and network is up and running.

Some of the typical required skills is the experience to install an Operating system, whether Linux or Windows and an ability to detect and solve IT problems. Some of the top jobs in this field are Director of Information Systems, Computer programming, Web developing and Design, Database development, IT security, operations manager, and Chief Information Officer (CIO).

other valuable resources:

Most people lack proper information about the IT field. This article can act as guidance to anybody with a need of understanding the Information Technology field.

Some careers and job opportunities offered in the IT field are not hard to understand. You can register for an online course and be good to go.

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It would be hard for a business to succeed and prosper without embracing the presence of Information technology in the market. Companies and organizations have to incur this reasonable cost to incorporate IT services into their management for the growth of their business. The hiring of IT professionals and use of Digital Marketing are ways in which a business can increase its productivity and efficiency.

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