Success Metrics: Transitioning To A Hub And Spoke Marketing Model

Success Metrics: Transitioning To A Hub And Spoke Marketing Model
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    Traditional marketing strategies are being disrupted by new digital technologies and ways of disseminating information.

    From social media influencers such as the Kardashians to remarketing tools such as Google Adwords, the marketing space is changing rapidly.


The hub and spoke model can provide an effective way to navigate this new landscape.

How Hub and Spoke Can Strengthen Your Marketing

In the past, marketing strategies have usually been defined by the classic four Ps – Product, Promotion, Price, and Place.

With so many new options to add to this mix, traditional channels for promotion such as television advertising or even brick and mortar stores will not provide the necessary levers to keep your product or service visible.

The transition to a hub and spoke marketing model can provide the flexibility, resilience, and outcomes focus necessary to future-shock your marketing efforts.

  • The hub and spoke approach requires a central hub from which your marketing emanates.
  • In most cases, your hub would be a website. But it could be something more creative such as an influencer, depending on your product or service.
  • Your spokes are the tentacles which lift potential customers back to your hub. This is where you can use a mix of new and traditional advertising outlets. Television, billboards, Instagram, YouTube etc. as spokes to steer customers to your hub.

Reasons to Adopt Hub and Spoke

The hub and spoke model allows for the smooth integration of new advertising techniques, a buoyant marketing approach that is protected from failure and the opportunity to focus on customer needs.

  • Flexibility

    The flexibility provided by this model means that you can respond to changes in advertising trends without altering the core of your advertising strategy. With a strong, effective hub, you can mix and match your spokes as necessary to achieve goals such as:

    • targeting new demographics
    • trialing new media
    • successfully launching a new product
  • Resilience

    The more spokes you add to your hub, the more resilient your advertising strategy will be. Having only one or two spokes with no hub means that you quickly lose traction if one of your marketing tools fails.

    Businesses that rely solely on Facebook, for instance, can fail miserably if the campaign is poorly executed. With hub and spoke marketing, if one of your spokes fails, there are others to hold the wheel together.

  • Outcomes Focus

    When your customers are directed to a central hub, you can collect meaningful data which allows you to move forward with your marketing options.

    For instance, if your hub is an engaging, interactive website, you can use online tools to collect information about your customers. Including their location, needs, age, interests, price point, and conversion rate.

    This not only helps you to determine the best spokes for your marketing strategies. It also allows you to focus on finding real solutions for your customers.

This shift in focus from gaining market visibility to satisfying your customers will help you reinforce a positive presence in the marketplace.

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Embrace the Wheel

If you are looking to revitalize your marketing approach, the hub and spoke model provides a viable, long-term solution. It allows you to keep the spokes which have served you well in the past. Meanwhile adding new ones to keep your central hub firmly in place. Both you and your customers will benefit from the change.

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