Opening a Dessert Shop? 4 Tips to Ensure a Sweet Outcome

Opening a Dessert Shop? 4 Tips to Ensure a Sweet Outcome
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    Does the idea of running your own dessert bar sound like a sweet dream to you?

    If you are thinking about opening a dessert shop, there are a few things you should know before you get started.


First off, here’s the good news. Recent research shows that only 17% of restaurants fail within the first year, not 90%. You can tell all the naysayers that you’ve got this, as long as you follow the four tips below.

Marketing Is Key

You are a baker. A great one, too. But please don’t believe that you are automatically an exceptional salesperson. It takes marketing experts, graphic designers, and copywriters to make your brand stand out from the millions of other dessert joints out there.

Outsource your marketing. Hire someone to create and manage your Facebook ads, get a graphic designer to do your menu and web design, and never overlook the power of effective copy when it comes to marketing a business. At the end of the day, your dessert is a business.

Know the Business Basics

Just knowing how to bake isn’t enough to open a dessert shop on your own. Accounting, taxes, and marketing are all a part of this. You need to know how much to charge customers based on the overhead it costs to make it, not based on an arbitrary number.

You will need to understand how to complete your taxes correctly when April comes around. You will need to know the rules and regulations of the food service industry and stay up-to-date with all health codes and standards. Getting started and learning all of this can be tough, but there are specialists in these areas who can help you.

Have a Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point can make or break your business. Will your desserts be customizable? Will you offer unique treats that can’t be found anywhere else? It’s important to offer something unique to your customers while also providing classic favorites that everyone can enjoy. Your unique selling point can also be the style of the serving dishes you use or the name of your dessert shop itself.

other valuable tips:

Get the Proper Equipment

You will need to acquire industrial-grade kitchen equipment in order to open a successful dessert shop. Ovens, utensils, racks, prep tables, dessert cases, sinks, and freezers are all essential to the success of your dessert shop. You will also need to rely on an industrial mixer supplier to obtain heavy-duty mixers. This way, you can mass produce your finest desserts for what will hopefully be a steady stream of customers.

You already know that dessert is your passion, and you’re confident enough in your abilities to open a shop where you can sell your delicious products. Really, the odds are in your favor, given how much people generally want to experiment with new sweets. But you still need to make sure you practice proven business strategies; otherwise, your dessert shop may founder. Follow the tips above to ensure your shop succeeds.

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