Reasons To Have A Marketing Virtual Assistant Services

Reasons To Have A Marketing Virtual Assistant Services
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    In times of collaborative and shared economy, more and more the virtual assistant gains space in the market and in the companies.

    And foolish who thinks that having a Virtual assistant services list costs too much or that is only for the big companies.


From micro to medium businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and even freelancers, they can count on the services of virtual secretaries, with a very good cost-benefit!

But, do you know what are the advantages of having a virtual assistant services?

If you do not know it is a great time to stay inside this reality and benefit professionally with this service. But, if you already know, it pays to check out the tips below on how to further improve the results of your business.

Advantages of Having a Virtual Assistant

  • 1) Reduction of expenses

    We know that for those who work as a freelancer or have a small business, the infrastructure can weigh heavily in the pocket.

    Therefore, having a virtual assistant services usa can be an excellent solution because it can assist in administrative tasks, for example:

    • In the management and responses of emails;
    • In the accomplishment of commercial tasks: elaboration of proposals, collections, orders of purchase, quotations;
    • And in the handling of software: access to the system for scheduling (or canceling or just recording of appointments and professional events).
    • As well as (and no less important) incoming telephone service while you are away or engaged in other activities, as well as being able to be active in the name of your business, whether to prospect customers, even confirmations or paycheck reminders or invoices.

    Having a virtual assistant can cost something around only $ 300 / month. Well it is, much less than the amount to pay a fixed salary and benefits (VT, VR, medical insurance, among others + labor charges) from a physical assistant, who will still need the appropriate physical space within your company to perform the same activities as a virtual assistant (external to your business).

  • 2) Increase in sales

    Yes, a social media virtual assistant services is much more than a telephone attendant, she can be a right arm in the care of potential clients, providing important information such as: budgets, deadlines, description of products or services, can even take care of your agenda, as mentioned above, scheduling meetings and other professional commitments.

    So if it is going to take care of all this for you, already contributing to generate new business, surely you will have more time to invest in attracting new customers and even inside sales , to have more productivity and still reduce monthly fixed costs.

    The administrative activities of a virtual assistant in order to help increase sales, are defined according to the needs of each client, along with the skills of this (e) virtual professional.

    As for the active and receptive connections, there are companies that operate with pre-established service plans, but can still be adapted to the contracting client’s needs. Here you can check two service plans via Shared Virtual Desktops.

  • 3) Tranquility for your professional commitments

    When we work on our own and do everything: service, support, financial, sales, etc., it is much more difficult to keep our heads calm when we are at an event for business or a meeting with a customer or supplier, cell phone can (and certainly will) ring and you can not answer.

    These are simple examples of different situations that can occur and you therefore can not give the attention (potential) clients, and even personal matters, for not having a low cost help.

    With a virtual desk you can have peace of mind and the assurance that all your calls will be answered, even when you need to dedicate yourself and focus on other professional commitments.

  • 4) Good image for your business

    When someone calls a company and a assistant answers in a professional and helpful manner, this significantly impacts the positive image that is built on the business, does not it?

    The same happens when a virtual assistant performs this service, since in addition to standardizing all calls, it also reduces the risk of absences, absences and possible delays in the telephone service. This demonstrates more professionalism, seriousness and credibility for those who are on the other side of the line.

  • other valuable tips:
  • 5) Service 24h

    Did you know that you can count on a 24-hour virtual assistant service? That’s it! If your business requires full time attendance, just look at what a tranquility to have this service! You stay calm at night, at dawn, on weekends and holidays or when you can not attend.

    The 24h service is no longer a privilege of big business, because currently the virtual assistant service allows this functionality, in addition to significantly reduce the costs of on call (technical or support), labor risks and even unavailability of after-hours service that can occur to any business.

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