How Social Media Marketing Can Build Your Business

How Social Media Marketing Can Build Your Business
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    In the past 15 years or so, we have seen a rise in social media platforms.

    We can do so many things with social media, including promotions of businesses.


What can social media do to benefit your small business?

Builds Your Brand

Your brand is key when it comes to your business. Who are you? What is your business? What do you do? What can you offer your customers?

It’s good to communicate all of these in your social media channels so potential customers know who you are and what your business actually does.

Builds Relationships

Since social media is interactive, this is a great way to build relationships with your customers. This is a great platform for customers to easily communicate if they have issues they need to talk to you about, or if they have suggestions for your business.

(Maybe even some compliments!) You can easily reply to your audience’s comments or Tweets within seconds, which is what brings people back for more.

Creates Loyal Customers

Staying engaged with customers on your social media channels can really make a difference in your business. If someone is angry with your service and posts an angry comment on your social media posts, you can reply to it immediately and resolve the issue.

It’s better to confront the issues and solve them, rather than ignoring your customers’ problems. According to research done by Harvard Business Review, customers who receive quick responses to their comments or Tweets, are more willing to spend more money with said company later on, especially if the company responds in five minutes or less.

Boosts Sales

No matter what you’re selling, social media can help you sell it. It’s easier to promote your business, you can have your friends share your posts to their personal social media and it’s a great way to show off your products or services. Being able to share across platforms, share posts quickly and share to a large audience really benefits small businesses when it comes to sales.

Cost-Effective Marketing

It’s free and easy to sign up for social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Each of these sites has features where you can purchase sponsored content to help promote your business even more.

other valuable tips:

Although, you can easily promote your social media accounts and business for free with some extra work, such as word of mouth or contests to share your business. Advertising is usually relatively cheap on each of these social media platforms, so you can purchase the advertising and marketing you need within your budget.

So what can social media marketing do for you? It can increase brand awareness, create new customers and promote your small business to audiences all over the world!

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