How to Give Excellent Customer Service With Your Business

How to Give Excellent Customer Service With Your Business
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    Excellent customer service, in any area, can be translated as giving the kind of service you would like to receive.

    We all desire to be valued, listened to, and respected.


It makes you feel important when you give feedback that is not only heard but sincerely appreciated too.

Once you turn to the other side of the business, and instead of the buyer, you become the seller, you must begin thinking about the best ways to provide service so that one sale turns into many repeated ones. The best way to do this is to imagine you are the customer, and in this state, think about what you would like to receive.

To help you get started, here are some ideas that will put you on the right track to offering excellent customer service:

1. Present your product accurately.

You wouldn’t like to be deceived, right? Neither do others. Show your product in a clear way, without props that could divert attention from your pieces, use different angles if possible, and be exact about dimensions.

If there are inconsistencies in the stones, silver, or any other material used, note them from the beginning, because the customer will surely see them at some point. Contact your jewelry wholesaler immediately if you need to exchange a piece.

2. Have a clear sales policy.

If you were the customer, you would like to know shipping time and policies for returns and exchanges. Clarify every detail of the transaction; no matter how small, everything is worth saying.

3. Be and act professionally.

Write e-mails and letters in a formal tone, not as if your customer is your best friend. Always be courteous and natural, but keep your distance to be perceived as a professional. If possible, sign every communication by hand so that it looks personal, to show that you took the time to answer them with care.

4. Act fast.

You must reply to e-mails, letters or phone calls promptly. Make everyone understand that they count and are important. Do not delay more than 24 hours to respond to a client.

5. Be efficient.

Design a fast process that allows you to present your product to the client in less time than expected, because, once a client pays, he/she expects the product immediately. Have all your packing supplies ready in one place so that you do not have to hunt for them, and follow a simple, yet rigorous process to ensure the jewelry is securely and beautifully packed.

other valuable tips:

6. Show appreciation.

Make sure you show your clients how much you care for them and how much you appreciate their purchases. Thank them in every e-mail, letter, and phone call.

Double check your products to ensure their quality. Pack everything with care and love, send a nice thank you note to extend your gratitude for their support. Treat your customers with care, and they will stick with you until the end.

7. Follow up.

It may not happen all the time, but from time to time, something can go wrong. During these times, remember what customer service is all about. Respect the client and find a positive solution that benefits everyone involved. Thank your client for the feedback, and if the problem was your responsibility, offer them a discount on the next purchase and apologize sincerely.

Good customer service doesn’t have to be such hard work. If you believe in your product and wish for others to enjoy it, just think of what would make you happy and get going!

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