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The Characteristics of a SEO Professional

The Characteristics of a SEO Professional
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    Having said that being an SEO expert is not for everyone, I will list some characteristics that I consider fundamental in a good professional in the field.


I’m going to escape the cliché of that proactivity, resilience, and team spirit business that, while it has its truth, overshadows what’s most important.

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I will also separate the characteristics between the indispensable and desirable:

Indispensable Features of SEO Specialist:

  • Knowledge of logic –

    A good professional must be extremely logical, as he will deal more with algorithmic problems than with communication itself;

    Knowledge of programming logic and IT – this feature is an offshoot of the first and fundamental since technology will be vividly present in your daily life;

  • Analytical Profile –

    Developing an affordable SEO work will almost always involve analyzing various interspersing contexts such as business objectives, sales and KPIs, algorithm, benchmarking, etc.

  • Elementary Mathematics –

    In the human area (where many SEO professionals come from), elementary math is a shortage and doing SEO without it or without actually developing it can be very damaging to your career;

Constancy and Discipline:

SEO work, while on the one hand very exciting because of the challenge of positioning keywords, can become very monotonous with very specific technical analysis, so patience and constancy are required.

  • Problem solving –

    Being a problem solver is desirable in any area, of course, but SEO is indispensable as you have to deal with different problems every day. And they need to be resolved quickly;

  • Planning Skills –

    Since SEO results come in the medium to long term, having at least long-term insight and planning skills are indispensable for predicting future results based on track records;

Now that I’ve outlined features that a SEO professional is unlikely to succeed in, I suggest some desirable features that, if you look closely, are desirable in all areas of the job market:

other valuable tips:
  • Negotiation Skill –

    Because SEO deals with all areas of a website, from technology to marketing, through design and communication, you need to negotiate with other areas and defend what is indispensable for results;

  • Good communication –

    To negotiate, especially in meetings, whether within the agency, the company or with the client, arguing and making good presentations can be a big differentiator;

  • Business insight and entrepreneurship –

    Translating business strategies and understanding how return on investment (ROI) is a big differentiator for SEO, just as viewing SEO as helping to improve business strategies is a very differentiator rare to find in the market;

  • Managerial capacity –

    Although managerial capacity is far from indispensable to being an SEO expert, it is important to be able to grow in companies.

  • Financial Insight –

    Being able to translate SEO efforts into financial results, linked to business insight, planning skills, and mastery of math, can make an affordable SEO marketing expert one of the cornerstones of a marketing tactic.

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