What Does Customer Service Mean To You?

What Does Customer Service Mean To You?
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    Hearing a delightful voice on the other end of the line after you have been on hold for 10 minutes can make or break your impression of the merchant in which you are doing business with.


Adversely, hearing a voice that sounds annoyed and resists trying to help you can set the tone for any future business transaction.

Great customer service is a critical success factor in any business or industry. However, most people view customers to be the end user of a product or service. While that is true, the definition of customer service must expand above and beyond the mindset of the end user.

Who Are Your Customers?

A customer is anyone and everyone you interact with when conducting business.

For example, if you are a machine operator in a manufacturing facility, why would you care about customer service?

Because your customers are your co-workers, members of other departments such as quality, possibly a trainee, etc.

The interactions that take place with all these people set the stage for how the rest of the business operates and the overall culture of the company.

If the interactions are positive, it is likely that the culture of the company is to treat everyone with respect and courtesy. This is usually a strong domino effect.

If management leads by example in treating their customers – the employees – with appreciation, respect, etc., then all of their reports will follow their lead. This is a good sign of a strong and positive company culture based on great core values.

Who is Considered an Internal Customer/External Customer

Internal customers are everyone within your business, company, firm, etc. If you are the President of a large firm, your customers are everyone that reports down below you. If these individuals do not feel as though the President of their company appreciates their value to the company, all other aspects will take a negative turn.

  • Company culture, morale, quality, delivery, safety and more will eventually suffer.
  • Adversely the result will affect the end user customer.
  • Ultimately, the company bottom line will spiral downward.

External customers are end users of the product or service delivered. The definition also includes but is not limited to the mail man, delivery drivers, other vendors that are in and out of your business. All of these are all external customers.

Interactions with all of these as a representative of your company should be no less than courteous and respectful.

What if I Have a Negative Customer Interaction

It is virtually impossible to meet 100% of all internal or external customer needs. Inevitably there will be a time in which you must deliver bad news to one of your customers.

If you are a manager and have an under performing employee, there will be a not so delightful conversation that must take place. These situations are difficult and often are supported by Human Resources.

other valuable tips:

As a manager, you are a big customer of Human Resources. Even though not all interactions with your customers are going to be of positive content, it is still important to always be professional, kind, and respectful.

Closing Paragraph

Take a close look at your daily interactions and those of others around you. Is it clear who the internal/external customers are? Does everyone else have a good understanding of this? This simple concept can make a huge difference in a company. Practice it and lead by example.

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