4 Ways of Raising Capital For a Startup Company

4 Ways of Raising Capital For a Startup Company
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    If you want to start a business, then you should already have a great idea.

    But after this great idea, what do you do to get it off paper?


You will probably need a website, a tech team, some office space, etc. That is, you will need money. Lack of startup capital need not be the biggest hurdle that will prevent you from realizing your dream. Fortunately, there are various ways of raising capital to open your business. Below are some of the ways.

1. Friends and Family

Does asking your friends and family for money seem a bit daunting to you? How about taking a look at the people closest to you?

But before asking for money from your friends and family, you must have a business plan ready. This way, you can explain what you are selling, what you plan to do, how you will make money, and how you want to compensate them.

2. Angel Investors

An angel investor is an attractive financing option for startups that are too small to attract venture capitalists.

In general, angel investors are high net worth individuals who generally contribute more than capital. They usually have the knowledge and contacts to many many related industries.

So if your idea is good, start broadening your networking and prepare an excellent presentation about your business and attract an angel investor.

3. Crowdfunding

This type of financing allows you to raise capital to start a new business or take innovative ideas off the paper. This type of investment offers individuals the opportunity to invest capital in a new company in exchange for equity or convertible debt securities.

4. Venture Capital

The investors in venture capital are called venture capitalists. This investor profile likes to put his capital into innovative businesses with a long-term growth perspective. While these investments are often risky, they are also capable of generating impressive returns as the business grows. Importantly, in this type of financing, investors often influence the critical decisions of the business in which they are investing. This is because it is their money that is at stake.

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No doubt, it will be difficult for you to raise money from someone without a business plan. The different types of investors mentioned above will need to see financial projections before even thinking about opening their portfolios. Therefore, a business plan will increase your chances of getting funds. Also, companies that have a business plan have higher growth rates and are better prepared for setbacks.

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