7 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start on Your Own

7 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start on Your Own
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    If you’re thinking about running a small business in 2020, we've got some ideas that you might consider.

    You might think that it’s impossible to start because all the good business ideas have already been taken.


But, that’s not the case, you can still do it even these days, you just need to believe in yourself that you can do better.

Here are 7 small business ideas that you can start on your own:

1. Sewing

Most people always need to use a sewing machine when it comes to clothing. Like they need to hem or mend buttons, and maybe you could be the one who can do it for them.

So, if you love sewing, then start a business making clothes or start offering a small service like what I mentioned above. When you have enough customers, then you can start expanding your business as dressmaking and design.

2. Graphic designer

If you think you have what it takes to be a graphic designer, then build a portfolio and seek out those companies who need people like you. There are a lot of companies that need such talent for different projects.

3. Become a career coach

If you have experience of being a coach before, then put it to good use as a career coach. There is no specific degree for becoming a career coach; all you need to do is to complete their training. Or if you already have the experience, then you might be good to go.

4. Freelance writer

If you have writing skills, then put that those skills to good use by writing online; there’s a lot of people who are willing to pay you for your good skills. 

But, first, build your own website and spend time writing a blog post or magazine articles and publish them on your website’s writing samples page.

5. Translator

Do you speak any foreign languages? If yes, then start your own business translation service. The rate you can charge for this service depends on how much work is involved for you. So, why not consider this?

6. Garden designer

Most people don’t have time to maintain their backyard; that’s why they are willing to hire people who can do it. So, if you like this kind of job, then offer your service to others who are willing to pay with a good amount of money. You can build your own website or FB page and promote and share your service on social media.

other valuable tips:

7. Massage therapist

Were you interested in becoming a massage therapist? With that kind of career, you’ll need a high school diploma to enroll in training programs for massage therapists. If you get a license, then you can start your business in your area.

It’s still possible to start a small business this year, and you just need to have the motivation and work ethic to become successful in your startup business.

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