How to Do Business on Instagram

How to Do Business on Instagram
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    Are you worried about selling online on Instagram, because it might be a waste of time?

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Before you start selling online, make sure you do your research on which social network is best for your channel to achieve your main goal.

However, before we find out let’s start talking about how you can sell your items on Instagram:
Take pictures while wearing it

We all know how to capture many photos of our items; however, is it worth it to show your products to your target audience? If you really want to sell your products on Instagram, it’s better to take pictures while wearing it to make sure you’ll stand out over your competitors.

Come up with a story

The best thing about selling on Instagram is that you can tell a story about your products. For example, you might own a garments online store with a model on it, and a nice background on it (like the model is having fun with friends in NYC).

Buyers like this kind of idea, especially those teens who have lots of friends, and they can relate themselves to this idyllic situation.

Consider using the hashtag

A word hashtag (#) is good for you, especially if you want to identify the specific topic that you’re uploading on Instagram. This keyword will often be used if you want to be found easier. This can help you gain followers as well as future customers.

However, don’t put more than 5 or 15 hashtags, this is too overboard. For most social media sites, 2 or 3 (#) are enough. Or you can add a few (#) in the comments that interest you most.

Promote your brand

Once you upload all your products on Instagram, be sure that you make a big commitment to your customers.
Here are steps that you need to follow for your promotion on Instagram:

  • Your hashtag must be simple, unique, and fit your brand.
  • The price should be included.
  • Explain your rules: make sure they understand your rules, so they won’t ignore your promotions.
  • Once you have a winner, then write a public post to congratulate him, be sure you mention the name of the user.
other valuable tips:

Share your physical store

If you have a physical product, make sure you make it apparent to your customer. Show your physical products. Make sure when you upload the photo, you also show your location in the maps because people often trust the seller when they see the exact location of your place or your work.

Encourage followers to upload your products

The internet nowadays has changed in terms of selling products online, especially on other social networks. The good thing is that it allows for a very smooth transaction with the buyers, and this is great for the seller and the buyer.

If you have enough followers, you can encourage them to sell your products or upload your product photos with discounted prices.

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