Tips for Redesigning Your Product Packaging

Tips for Redesigning Your Product Packaging
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    It can take a bit of time for a new company to really come into their own. Most companies will undergo a significant amount of growth and development throughout the course of their life.


This growth not only pertains to the size of the company and the scope of their internal operations but also to the more customer-facing aspects of their business.

Marketing strategies and the look of a company’s products, for instance, will likely endure multiple makeovers over time. Product packaging plays a large role in the overall appeal of a company’s items, so it stands to reason that it must adapt to match the ever-changing desires of consumers.

This guide explores several tips for redesigning your product packaging and explores how doing do can yield an increase in overall sales.

Maintain a bit of consistency

In most cases, your product packaging will only need to be altered slightly. After all, there will likely be some elements from the original packaging that worked well. Try to retain these elements that work well and incorporate them into your new packaging design.

Maintaining some consistency between the old and new packaging will make it easier for consumers to recognize the new package as being associated with your brand. Instead of changing all elements of your product packaging at once, try to make only a few changes at a time.

If you plan to alter the shape and size of the packaging, for instance, try to keep the coloring and label mostly the same. Maintaining a bit of consistency will allow you to alter your product’;s image without overwhelming consumers with too many changes at once.

Conduct preliminary research

One of the most important tips for redesigning your product packaging is to conduct thorough preliminary research. This research will give you a better idea of which elements work well in your product packaging and which could do with a makeover.

Conduct a survey or hold a focus group to ascertain consumer opinions of your current product packaging. You can also present potential changes at this time to gauge consumer reactions to a product redesign.

Through this research, you will likely find that altering certain aspects of your packaging will be more beneficial than others. Focusing on the product label, for instance, will likely be a much better use of time and resources than altering the shape of the product and will yield a much greater impact on the success of your marketing campaigns in the long run.

Consider your competitors

Though it may seem a bit backward, it can actually be very beneficial to look to your competitors when redesigning your own product packaging. The main goal of product packaging is to make your items stand out on the retail shelves.

other valuable tips:

You want to make a statement and set your items apart from the competition as much as possible. Looking at your competitors’; product packaging, therefore, is a great place to start.

This type of research ensures that your products will not become lost in the crowd nor overshadowed by the competition. It will provide you a more structured idea of what not to do when redesigning your product packaging.

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