Ways To Improve Product Quality in Food Processing

Ways To Improve Product Quality in Food Processing
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    It doesn't matter if you're the owner, plant manager, line worker, or the maintenance person; anyone who works in food manufacturing knows that quality is crucial.

    While many processing plants have found their rhythm for producing quality goods, others are still struggling.


If your facility is running into quality control issues, we’ve got you covered. Read our guide below where we discuss some ways to improve product quality in food processing.

Have frequent quality control training

Everyone in the facility should understand why improving quality is so serious. You can communicate the importance of quality efficiently by requiring all workers to attend training sessions.

While taking workers away from their places to go over quality might sound counterintuitive at first, you’re actually improving the company. Think about it, as improving quality will demonstrate your integrity to clients. In addition, you can identify which employees don’t take quality seriously by watching their attitude and body language during the meeting.

To be frank, training has the added bonus of identifying who doesn’t think quality is a serious matter. Though it may feel harsh––you know whose time at the company is coming to a close.

Hold everyone accountable for PPE violations

Every industry where PPE is required has consequences for those who don’t obey the rules, and your facility should be no different. PPE not only keeps workers safe; it also reduces (if not eliminates) the possibility of contamination.

Employees must know you’re serious about quality, and if they don’t abide by the facility’s PPE rules––you should have a conversation with them. If the conversation doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll have to do some paperwork and write-up an official warning.

Your facility cannot afford to see a decrease in quality simply because someone doesn’t want to wear their PPE, so be sure everyone is aware of the consequences.

Install magnetic separators

Even if workers wear the appropriate gear, contamination is certainly still possible. Unfortunately, however, contamination comes in a variety of forms. Of course, contamination can be a result of someone not wearing their equipment, but it can also come from the food source itself.

Sometimes fresh fruits and vegetables can come with small metal particles from the harvest tools in the field. Additionally, metal particles can originate from your facility’s equipment such as a loose nut or bolt. Obviously, nobody wants to eat metal, nor should they. Magnetic separators are vital in food manufacturing for a number of reasons, one of which is to prevent contamination.

other valuable tips:

As you can see, there are plenty of actionable ways to improve product quality in food processing. Quality starts with your facility’s processes, so it’s vital that you examine your facility’s workflow and collect data.

Collecting data about workers’ shifts, placements, and habits will help you identify weaknesses in your workforce that might cause quality issues. You should also collect detailed data about your workflow so you can know exactly where items are at all times. Over time, that data should paint a fairly clear picture of opportunities to improve and ideally provide insight into where quality is failing.

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