4 Ways To Improve Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

4 Ways To Improve Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal
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    Buying a commercial property can be a great way to invest in your future. When deciding how to present your building, it is important to keep in mind the types of organizations that will be renting from you.


While the types of businesses that rent your space may vary, there are still some basic tips that can help you improve the process. Here are four ways to improve your commercial property’s curb appeal that will have you bringing in tenants in no time.

A New Coat of Paint

One of the biggest decisions that any property owner must make is what color to paint the exterior. The choices made here can have a lasting impact on both the building and the types of clients looking to rent from you.

Nobody wants to rent a place for their business that looks like the owner deserted the place. Sticking with more neutral colors and tones is often a safe choice, but don’t be afraid to go with bolder colors if that is the clientele that you are trying to attract.

Signs of the Times (and for Your Tenants)

What good is owning a building if nobody can find it? Proper signage is critical for raising the profile of any commercial property. An immediate benefit is that your tenants see you as invested in the success of their business.

By putting up proper signs, your property is easy to find and can bring in more traffic. This applies to the companies who rent from you and has the added benefit of putting more eyes on your building.

Parking at a Premium

As anybody who lives in a big city will tell you, parking can be hard to come by. If your property is in a metro area, providing on-site parking for your tenants is crucial.

If your building doesn’t have parking but the one down the street does, customers (and renters) may go to the other guys to satisfy their business’s needs.

And what about in smaller towns and rural communities? Just because there is parking available does not make it appealing. Taking proper care of an available parking lot can be just as important.

Taking steps like changing burned-out light bulbs, repaving the blacktop, or adding small landscaping details can put a shine on any property. Providing additional services, such as hiring a snow removal company, can also increase tenant retention.

The Right People for the Right Job

Handling the daily tasks your building needs can be a challenge. Being responsible for everyday worries can begin to take a toll. However, a good property management company will give you the best opportunity to focus your attention on where it should be. Hiring the right one can be the difference between your property thriving and collapsing.

other valuable tips:

A good property management company will take care of the day-to-day tasks that come with property ownership, such as street sweeping, general building upkeep, and landscaping. These special services can all add to your building’s overall curb appeal.

Following these ways to improve your commercial property’s curb appeal, you will soon be enjoying all of the benefits that come with owning rental property.

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