Commercial Food Packaging Mistakes To Avoid

Commercial Food Packaging Mistakes To Avoid
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    One of the ways of ensuring saety in food production is product packaging.

    There are many aspects of the packaging that will impact the well-being of the consumer.


There are several common mistakes with food packaging that tend to result in a public health risk. For a list of the top commercial food packaging mistakes to avoid, read below.

Leaving Any Ingredients Undisclosed

One of the first big mistakes to consider is leaving any ingredients of the food product undisclosed on the packaging label. There are many food products that include ingredients classified as major allergens, making it a significant importance of proper food product labeling.

Referring to a food package label is vital for people to check the product for ingredients they could be allergic to. The FDA had stated mislabeling is one of the leading causes for food recalls. Not only do allergens need to be labeled, but it needs to be stated if the product has been near any allergens.

Adding the Wrong Label

Labeling errors can happen not just by inaccurate information on a label. Another common labeling error is mismatching the wrong label to the product.

The concerning outcomes generally end up being the same as when information is misprinted or left off.

It still fails to inform the consumer of the ingredients that are in the product, which leads to concerns of allergies and substances that can cause health concerns in the wrong amounts, such as sugar and salt.

The way to make sure that this doesn’t become an issue is strict quality control. Make sure more than one SKU is not printed on the same sheet of labels, and design labels to be visually distinct enough from one another.

Illegally Identifying Product

This is one of the commercial food packaging mistakes to avoid that can be a bit confusing. However, if it is missed, it can cause huge concerns.

There are certain products that cannot be labeled as what they most closely resemble usually because of added ingredients and processing. One of the best examples of this is processed cheese and cheese produced with preservatives, food coloring, and other additives. Due to these details, it has to be labeled as “pasteurized processed cheese product” instead of just cheese.

Not Accounting for Contaminants

There are multiple ways the packaging process can lead to contamination of the food. One way is through ink contamination.There are specific inks that are approved for use with food, in addition to ones that aren’t.

other valuable tips:

Certain inks could transfer toxic chemicals to the food. Even inks that are approved contain allergens that need to be noted on the product. There are other chemicals used in packaging that could cause cancers, endometriosis, and lowered fertility.

Then there are outside contaminants that come from unsanitary surfaces, floors, and spaces that the product needs to be protected from. Any failure to protect the food from these conditions creates a serious health risk.

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