Tips for Designing Your Beauty Salon

Tips for Designing Your Beauty Salon
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    Setting up a brand-new salon is exciting but stressful.

    You're working with an unfamiliar space—how do you set up your furniture and supplies in a practical but aesthetic way?


These tips for designing your beauty salon can help you discover the perfect balance.

Think of the Layout

The layout of your salon is a fundamental component of its design. Are you planning to implement open, double-sided workstations or wall-mounted workstations that show off your floors?

Keep your design simple, clean, and uncluttered. There should be ample room for your customers and employees to walk around—if people are bumping into each other with wet hair or undried fingernails, problems are sure to arise.

Storage is important, too. There should be adequate room for supplies at every station.

Putting furniture close together is a great way to save space, but if it means there’s nowhere to store brushes, sprays, nail polish, or other essential tools, you’ll need to space things out.

If you need extra room, consider buying stations with compact, built-in drawers.

Buy the Right Furniture

Your furniture is important. You’ll need the essentials, like chairs, mirrors, and sinks, but how do you pick the right types?

Picking a central theme is a good place to start. Are you aiming for a sleek, modern salon or a charming, natural one? Smooth, monochromatic metal is great for the former, while wooden furniture, plants, and ample lighting are a necessity for the latter.

But what about the lighting? The brand? What’s the best way to appeal to the customers? These tips for choosing furniture for your salon will set you on the right path.

Make a Statement

Another tip for designing your beauty salon is to add a statement piece.

You don’t want your salon to be bland. Make a statement by including a bold, eye-catching focal point to your salon. It can be a colorful gallery wall, a miniature garden, or a dangling crystal chandelier.

Pick a focal point that defines your salon and its general theme. Installing disco lights in a classy, chic salon would look out of place, as would pictures of people’s hair in a nail salon.

Perfect the Lighting

When it comes to beauty, angles and lighting are essential. Perfecting your salon’s lighting will make it easier for your employees to work, give your salon a welcoming appearance, and make your customers look and feel good.

other valuable tips:

Natural lighting is ideal, but if your location is suffering from a lack of it, there are other ways to brighten up the space. Standing lamps, overhead lighting, sconces, and behind-the-mirror lights all make for great additions.

To improve the quality of your lighting, opt for warm-colored bulbs. They mimic the soft, warm colors of natural light rather than the harsh and unflattering blues and purples of cool lighting.

Place your lights strategically, too. Test their effectiveness by glancing into each of your salon’s mirrors. Do you look good? If you notice any unwanted shadows and highlights, adjust the locations of your lamps and other moveable lights.

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