Ways To Prepare Your Small Business for Winter

Ways To Prepare Your Small Business for Winter
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    Winter snowstorms can affect any business at any time during the winter season, no matter how big or small. 

    Now is the best time to begin preparing for their havoc or destruction.


Winterizing your business or office complex ahead of potentially disastrous storms can make all the difference. Examine closely these specific ways to prepare your small business for winter. Better safe than sorry!

Stay Informed & Be Informative

Keeping track of storms used to be fun as a child hopeful for snow days. As an adult, you surely know better. Snow can be enjoyable, but it can also be incredibly dangerous.

Monitor the weather and know the involved terminology of watches, warnings, and conditions. Have a pre-determined method of action in place to be able to communicate with employees about work closures or delays.

Have an Emergency Response or Continuity Plan

One of the vital ways to prepare your small business for winter is to have a clear plan if disaster strikes. This plan doesn’t need to be thoroughly detailed or elaborate, but it does need to be known. Power outages happen.

Address which equipment may be impacted by outages and if you have emergency power or backup generators available.

You should also be aware if staff will have the ability to work from elsewhere–if you are an office complex–or how to keep in touch with clients and customers about when the business may reopen. Continuing business operation throughout winter weather conditions remains crucial in ensuring no extreme loss of revenue.

Be Familiar with Your Business and its Insurance Policy

Inventory your equipment and valuable assets within the building in case structural damage occurs. Having this inventory count means you can inform your insurance company of any loss if a winter disaster occurs. Identity and repair any exterior issues to aid this prevention. Taking pictures to have as a resource and insurance policy is a wise idea.

Further work may need to be done on the inside depending on the industry of your company or business. Be aware of the temperature–even spaces unoccupied in the building need to be heated.

Protect your business’s data by storing important paper documents safely and having backups of any digital copies. If your business is technological, remind office staff to have data stored on the company’s servers and not singular computer hard drives.

other valuable tips:

Stock Up on Supplies & Consider Different Resources

Now is the time to stock up on necessary supplies. If you don’t currently possess a back-up generator for emergency power, consider purchasing one. Gather winter supplies such as shovels, sandbags, road salt, or ice melt for sidewalks.

Salting outside of your business is essential for liability and safety reasons. You don’t desire liability suits from preventable accidents or unfortunate incidents.

Ice prevention is especially important in colder states such as Colorado. Stocking up on salt or hiring a professional service to take care of this task may be to your advantage.

Professional ice control servicers and snow removal companies are undaunted by the winter season and ready to assist business owners and property managers.

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