Why Color Calibration Is Important for Your Business

Why Color Calibration Is Important for Your Business
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    When you work with colors on a screen versus a product, there are discrepancies you must reconcile.

    The product's coloring may not adequately represent what you or your client's created in the computerized design.


This is why color calibration is important for your business.

Not All Colors Appear the Same

Color is a complex physical phenomenon in which particular wavelengths of light reflect off an object. Natural light and digital screens each have specific ways of creating the colors we see.

However, the digitized versions are facsimiles of reality. Therefore, the virtual representations do not appear the same as their real counterparts. This causes trouble in all sorts of industries, from manufacturing to marketing and graphic design.

Because a color sometimes does not appear the same between the two mediums, there are color systems that you can work with to systematize, organize, and standardize your color selections. Use these to work efficiently and deliver products as expected.

The Uniqueness of the Human Eye

Color can be a fickle thing to the human eye. Everyone’s eye perceives color slightly differently. Some people even experience various degrees of colorblindness.

Our ability to capture, process, and describe colors is important in everyday life. But the uniqueness of our eyes causes issues when it comes to your business.

For example, you may want to paint your product forest green. But unless you have an RGB, HEX/HTML, CMYK, or Pantone Number value, you cannot ensure the product will look as you want it to.

Color calibration creates a bridge between people and software that otherwise may compute color incorrectly.

Save Time and Money

Your clients rely on you to give them a quality product that matches their vision, right down to the product’s coloring. Color calibration is essential to give your clients what they want.

Research and use the various color systems, such as Pantone color matching, to implement your clients’ needs appropriately. When you use color calibration in your work, you will save precious time. This, in turn, will allow you to complete projects ahead of schedule and satisfy your clients with on-time or early shipments.

Color calibration can also save you tons of money in manufacturing costs. If you provide your client with a sample, depending on the material cost and time it takes to fabricate, you could spend a decent amount of resources on something that may not be right.

other valuable tips:

Work with them ahead of time to establish color values upon which you can base their sample product. Apart from saving time and money, this clear communication will save face with your customers and give them full confidence in your services.

Knowing why color calibration is important for your business can save you from embarrassing moments with clients and customers alike. The process of systematizing your communication will increase your productivity and save you valuable time otherwise wasted on a misunderstanding.

Image Credit: color calibration by envato.com

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