What To Know Before Setting up a Tradeshow Booth

What To Know Before Setting up a Tradeshow Booth
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    Do you have a brand-new product or idea that you have been waiting to share?

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An exciting way to do both at the same time is to attend a tradeshow in your industry and rent space so you can have a booth on display.

You can figure out what you need to know before setting up a tradeshow booth through experience. However, many first-time tradeshow participants run into mistakes that they can easily avoid with some foresight.

Design Your Tradeshow Booth

For any tradeshow, presentation is critical. Regardless of the size of your exhibit, there are ways to make your booth memorable and interactive.

Plan to include colors that represent your brand and maybe some chairs that will encourage people to engage longer. Eye-catching displays keep people coming back to your area, and customers are more likely to post photos of them to their social media feeds.

Ship Your Tradeshow Booth Materials

Whether you have a business setting up your booth for you or are responsible for doing it yourself, it is pertinent that all your supplies arrive the day of the show.

Some tradeshows will deliver your materials to your booth location if you adhere to their shipping requirements.

If you are packing up a large booth or need to bring bulky items to your tradeshow, you might consider exploring ways to lower your costs by shipping freight class.

Install Your Tradeshow Booth

It is vital to arrive early to your tradeshow and ensure you have plenty of time to set up your booth. You could have the best design in the building, but if you do not install it by the time the show starts, you could miss out on customers. It is better to have your display ready hours in advance instead of completing your setup while the show begins.

Bring a Prepared Team

Prepare for your upcoming tradeshow by getting together a team of people you trust to demonstrate your product and protect your booth. Security is just as important as sales.

Ensure your staff is ready to hand out brochures, pass out free samples, run giveaways, play games, or perform any other task needed to make your booth stand out.

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Set up an Email List

At the end of the day or weekend, you will want to know who visited your booth. Have a sign-up list available for guests so they can give you their email. The list allows you to stay in touch through newsletters. It is also an opportunity to promote your business’s active social media accounts.

Each tradeshow is different and comes with opportunities and growing pains. Try to be ready for the inevitable, as no amount of preparation can prevent an accident.

The more you participate in these shows, the easier it will be to discover what to know before setting up a tradeshow booth and find something that works best for your needs.

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