Common Typography Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Typography Mistakes You Should Avoid
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    Specific components go into designing a quality product label. One of these vital components is the typography.


This refers to how the text that conveys your product information will appear. Many common mistakes are made in typography; you should be aware of them to prevent your product’s success from being affected.

Learn about the common typography mistakes you should avoid by reading below.

Make Sure Not To Crowed Letters and Line

The label on any product needs to be clear and legible. This will make it easy for the consumer to locate the product’s important information.

Having letters and lines that are too crowded are likely to cause legibility issues, and they’ll make your label look unprofessional.

This mostly happens when people try to alter the amount of space between letters in an attempt to fit more words.

Consider planning your design’s layout so you don’t run into this problem.

Avoid Picking Colors That Clash

Use of color is always important for a product label, especially when it comes to brand marketing. However, it’s wise to remember that color choices can affect the  legibility of the text.

First you need to consider what the color of your font will be. If you have a background color that clashes with the color of the font, you’ll be in trouble. The best solution is to always use contrasting colors, which should allow for quality legibility.

Use No More Than Two Fonts

With all the different kinds of fonts available, you might think it’s worth playing around with several to make your label more elaborate. However, it’s imperative you stick to  two fonts and not much more.

Too many fonts will make the information hard to read  and digest, which could hurt the success of your product. After all, clear communication is a major aspect of the importance of typography in packaging labels, so avoiding this mistake is vital.

Stick to your two fonts and make sure they have complementary styles. If you follow these rules, you’ll end up with a clean and organized product label.

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Never Use All Capital Letters

One of the common typography mistakes you should avoid on your product label is using all capital letters. It’s not always bad to use all capital letters, especially for something like the product name since you want it to grab the consumer’s attention.

However, you don’t want to capitalize every single word. If you do this, details such as the name and headers—which would be normally emphasized—will lose their effect. Furthermore, using call caps might make the customer feel as if you’re yelling at them.

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