How To Improve Product Quality In Manufacturing

How To Improve Product Quality In Manufacturing
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    Learning how to improve product quality in manufacturing is an ever-constant battle as you fight to keep your business on the cutting edge, and therefore competitive.


As important a task as that is, it can be very overwhelming for you to figure it out alone. Allow us to help you shoulder the burden by suggesting a few of the ways your business can improve upon the quality of its products in ways that are both practical and sustainable.

Defining Quality

Before you make changes or alter aspects of your product, you should clearly define amongst your team what “quality” looks like for it. A common mistake made when trying to improve upon a product is looking at it from your own perspective.

To discover what should be changed or improved, you need to think of your product from the perspective of a customer. There are countless things you can “improve” with any product, but are they the ones your customers want?

Will it make your product less practical or sacrifice functionality for added features that you perceive as an improvement?

Keeping these considerations in mind will give you direction and even minimize cost when you look at it through the perspective of current and potential customers.

Outsourcing Aspects

Outsourcing may make you hesitant. You’re surrendering control over part of your production and having to pay someone to do so. However, outsourcing is a great way to ensure you’re getting quality components without burdensome costs on your business.

For example, if your business makes use of chemicals, then chemical toll manufacturing is ideal because you’re renting not only the necessary equipment but the expertise of outsourced labor to produce a higher quality component than your employees could make in-house.

Once you have the chemicals you need, you don’t have to spend further on having to maintain the machinery if you were to try and do everything in-house. What seems like an unnecessary cost upfront becomes a minimal cost in the long run.

Examine the Process

The last thing we’ll teach you about how to improve product quality in manufacturing is to simply review and adjust your production process as necessary. This will not only find inefficiencies or unnecessary steps in the process but will help you develop discipline amongst your employees if you’re keeping a keen eye on how the process is performed and spend the time to make it as efficient for them as possible.

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A strong process discipline will ensure your products are consistently held and made to a certain standard. Talk with employees on the floor and directly involved in the process to gain their perspective on what could be improved.

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