How To Lower Your Business’ Power Bill

How To Lower Your Business’ Power Bill
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    If you’re a small business owner, you know that utility bills eat up your profits.

    However, most business owners ignore these costs—even though utility bill management is one of the best ways to cut costs when running a business.


While utility bills are unavoidable, it’s possible to minimize them through simple monitoring techniques. Therefore, if you want to keep your bottom line as robust as possible, controlling gas, water, and energy usage are all crucial tasks. Learn how to lower your business’s power bill by reading this brief guide.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing helps reduce energy consumption. By utilizing cloud-based computing solutions, you can eliminate the need to maintain your own computer servers, which require a significant amount of energy to cool.

Plus, cloud computing can allow employees to work remotely, which can help reduce energy costs because of the fewer employees in the office.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Whenever possible, upgrade old appliances and equipment to new energy-efficient models, including printers, light fixtures, refrigerators, bathroom exhaust fans, HVAC systems, etc.

Data centers use large amounts of power; it’s imperative to have an efficient climate control system.

Also, remember to unplug and power off any appliances and equipment not being used. Computers and printers can still consume energy even when they are turned off. So, powering off unused equipment in the entirety of the small business can make quite a difference.

Properly Insulate

Everyone knows that insulating your home is a top priority, but did you ever think to insulate your business? Ensuring your business is insulated and that drafts are reduced to a minimum will help keep the air temperature steady on less-than-ideal days.

HVAC systems work less when not fighting the cold directly. Installing automatic doors or door gaskets in high traffic areas can also keep the heat in and the cold out while cutting energy costs.


Something provokes individual employees to adjust the thermostat to their own comfort zone. Once someone does it, it opens the door for more employees to follow suit.

Rest assured that the thermostat will not be set to the most energy-efficient setting when this happens. Employers can win the battle of the thermostat by allowing only managers to control the unit or installing a thermostat with a locking feature.

Locking features will enable you to set a firm temperature or a small range of temperatures within a standard comfort zone.

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Another way to lower your business’s energy costs is to choose the right business energy plan for your needs. This brief guide on how to lower your business’s power bill has hopefully supplied you with great money-saving ideas. Don’t let your profits fly out the window. Start thinking about your energy plan today.

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