How to Get Rid of Gossipers in the Company Workplace

How to Get Rid of Gossipers in the Company Workplace
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    You show up every morning, begin with a cup of hot coffee, and share the weekend stories with your colleagues.


However, what you don’t know is that the topic you talk about turns into a harmless little chitchat about how your workmate cheated on his wife yesterday night at Applebee’s.
But this chitchat is actually not harmless.

Do you know that the more information or stories get around, the more people around you become uncomfortable?

So, before telling stories, make sure that you know the HR policies so that people will not become averted to you.

Here are some tips to get rid of workplace gossip immediately.

When having coffee in the morning with a little chitchat becomes gossip

Now here’s where it becomes confusing about the difference. When having a light conversation with your workmates and a little chitchat while working, it can escalate to a negative conversation. Unfortunately, you’re humiliating your co-workers, and that would be very embarrassing to the person being spoken of.

If you’re not sure yet, take this information for a test run to see how it goes:

  1. Does chitchat make other people hurt? Yes, it will!
  2. Does gossiping have a negative emotional charge, or does it create conflict and negativity in the person you’re talking about?
  3. Does it damage the one being spoken of? Or you can say it in front of this person’s face? Read it again.
  4. Do you have any proof about the rumor?
  5. Does it really make you happy to gossip about your colleague’s situation?
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What does gossip do in the workplace?

Do you know who the gossipers are? They’re the ones who are most likely unhappy workers that didn’t get the way they want, like having a promotion that they felt entitled to. There are some negative consequences of workplace gossip that includes the following:

  • It can lead to a decrease in human trust and morale.
  • People will work less instead because they are emotionally having a big drama like teenage kids in school.
  • When someone is spreading bad rumors without any proof, people are anxious and tenser.
  • The people who work around the gossiper will turnover due to an unexpectedly toxic work environment.
  • It can also lead to side splits, and this will cause fights as well.

The lesson here is, before you venture into a little chitchat, make sure that you don’t end up into gossip territory. That way, you don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

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