Innovations Impacting the Mining Industry

Innovations Impacting the Mining Industry
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    Mining is more than just crush liners, high pressure, rolling grinders, and pallet cars.

    The latest technology trends in mining indicate a compelling industry shift toward sustainability.


Alongside that drive for sustainability, mining companies now use digital technology more than ever.These innovations deliver a truly modern, safe, and productive mine that belongs in the 21st century.

Modern mines tackle increased demand for mined items while, at the same time, exceeding customer expectations and global sustainability issues. So, what technologies push modern mines to achieve such standards?

Read our brief guide on innovations impacting the mining industry to see just a few modern updates to this ancient industry, as well as the many benefits these changes can bring.

Spatial Data Visualization

Mining is experiencing an exciting shift thanks to spatial data visualization. Spatial data is more detailed and precise than anything we have seen before in this industry.

3D modeling creates a viewable, life-like impression with depth perception that allows the brain to understand and process complex geometric issues. Virtual reality is an artificially created software environment that uses real-life data.

The virtual environment allows miners to experience working in a mine or planning without actually entering the dangerous field. Augmented reality overlays a digital visualization onto a real-life setting.

Miners use the technology for training simulators to reduce equipment maintenance costs, which can save companies quite a bit of money overall.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) are an integral tool that allows a deeper look into how geographic relationships affect the world. With the help of GIS, miners can solve real-life issues where location and accessibility are crucial.

Geospatial data represents an object’s location, size, and shape. Using this type of data, miners gain more insight into the designated system or mine environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence now leads the decision-making processes at leading firms. These companies use innovative data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, mine safety, and production workflow. Implementing artificial intelligence technology generates day-to-day data in half the time—this is just another step toward optimal mining efficiency.

Automated Drones

In recent years, drones and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have made headway across the mining industry. UAS now produce the same results as a helicopter but at lower costs.

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When set to accomplish operational tasks, drones perform safety and surveillance in hazardous areas, time-lapse photography, infrastructure upkeep and inspection, and site mapping. These are just a few of the ways that modern innovations create cutting-edge change in the mining industry.

Companies can spare resources as technology eliminates the need for out-of-date, unsafe mining practices. We hope this guide to innovations impacting the mining industry has brought you up to date on these dramatic changes.

Like many other industries, mining seeks to stay on the cutting edge of modern-day technology, and impactful, large-scale changes happen with increased frequency. After all, every industry strives for the ultimate efficiency.

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