Ways To Solve Company Parking Issues

Ways To Solve Company Parking Issues
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    Parking can be a source of problems for your employees when there isn’t enough space for them to reliably find spots each day.


However, you may not have a large enough property to enlarge your parking lot or garage. To meet your needs despite this limitation, you should read about ways to solve company parking issues and consider what actions will be best for your situation.

Restructure Your Parking Area

Restructuring your parking area is one way to add more spaces for a growing number of employees. You can accomplish this with a few different approaches.

Some businesses find that the arrangements of lines that divide spaces are not optimal, resulting in a lot of wasted space. If this is the case for you, it may be a good idea to draw new lines on your lot.

For instance, you can change straight parking spaces into angled ones to fit more cars in the same amount of space, or you could narrow driving lanes.

Another option you may have for restructuring could be to slim down raised islands and other such structures into flat pavement.

This could give you access to more sections of your parking area that are currently unusable.

Make Carpooling Feasible

If a good portion of your employees carpool instead of driving separately, you can stave off problems with parking as well, since there would be fewer cars arriving at your office each day. But carpooling can be inconvenient.

To make it a feasible option for people, you could incentivize carpooling by offering rewards or priority spaces for those who carpool.

Perhaps you could reserve the spots closest to the building to carpoolers. You could also hold monthly prize drawings for them and give some shoutouts to them in newsletters.

Though not a tangible incentive, emphasizing the environmental good that carpooling can do by reducing emissions may also help convince some staff members to commit to it.

Install Automated Parking Systems

For businesses that are willing to invest a bit more, installing automated parking systems is another way to solve company parking issues.

These systems can multiply parking space numbers by lifting vehicles on platforms above the ground. You have two options when it comes to implementing automated parking: semi-automated and fully automated systems.

Semi-automated setups and their rotating parking platforms can slot naturally into preexisting parking garages to make use of vertical space within single floors of the garages. They can move empty platform spaces down to the ground for arriving cars to park in while moving up occupied platforms until their drivers return. Their flexibility makes them adaptable for many businesses.

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Fully automated systems exist as enclosed structures where employees drop off their cars in an entrance space. From there, a platform moves their vehicle into its internal storage space where it places cars into space-efficient arrangements.

Fully automated systems are advantageous because they don’t need to include driving lanes and ramps. Instead, most of their space is devoted to parking. For a quickly growing medium-sized company, this may be a good choice.

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