Tips for Organizing an Electrician’s Cargo Van

Tips for Organizing an Electrician’s Cargo Van
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    An electrician's van is their office.

    You should have all the necessary electrician's equipment and parts to avoid trips back to the shop that wastes you and your client's money.


Organizing a van shouldn’t take more than a weekend, and it’s well worth the effort. Many manufacturers produce pre-made van organizational devices such as shelving, drawers, partitions, and ladder racks. Still, there are some do-it-yourself tips too.

Learn tips for organizing an electrician’s cargo van for your optimal efficiency.

Heavy Items Belong on the Floor

Think about how many times you’ve moved heavy equipment such as generators, air compressors, and other large items. Or, if you’ve ever considered lowering them from higher shelving, you’re just inviting them to fall and break.

Large items can also shift and jostle inside the van during traffic, creating a serious traffic hazard. Keep large things on the floor and secure.


Cargo work vans get dirty because they are work vehicles. Make sure you have a system that can deal with this grime.

Add a small trash can, and keep a few extra bags in the bottom, so you can change bags when the trash can is full. Keep some cleaning wipes in the van, as well as a first-aid kit, so you’re ready for nearly anything.

Label Everything

Suppose you are not the only user of the van. Maybe you own a fleet of vehicles where the vans have different drivers daily. Or you might just forget what’s in a drawer on a stressful day.

Take the time to label drawers and cabinets as you fill them. A label maker that prints on paper tape instead of plastic tape is ideal (and also less expensive), making it easy to read labels that will last for a long time.

Move Around

Don’t pack equipment so tightly in your van that you don’t have space to move around when you’re busy finding parts and equipment. One of the keys to organization is not to pack everything you own into a small space.

Make sure everything has a place to live, and they are kept in that place. This is where van organizing units like drawers and shelving come in handy.

Door Usage

You need to outfit your doors for storage, or you’re missing a prime opportunity to grab some extra space. Use cargo straps to secure a hand truck to one door.

Use magnetized strips to hold metallic bins to store other items such as hand tools, measuring tape, note pads, note pads, pens, and more.

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Now is the time to add lighting to the situation if it is not already there. If there is a 12-volt plug in the back, you can add LED lights to the ceiling. Otherwise, small, battery-powered lights will do the trick.

We hope these tips for organizing an electrician’s cargo van help you get the most out of your cargo van. After all, a clean, organized van will lead you to an efficient and healthy business.

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