Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing

Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing
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    Productivity is a constant concern for businesses large and small looking to meet demands and keep their businesses competitive.

    To this end, there are better ways to increase productivity in manufacturing than simply encouraging your employees to work harder or longer.


Taking care of your equipment and personnel is an important aspect of increasing productivity; allow us to demonstrate.

Practice Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining your machinery and equipment is key in avoiding downtime and ensuring employees can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Investing the money to have your machines regularly serviced will pay off in the long run because it prevents the machines from breaking down.

Broken machines halt production entirely until they can be fixed or replaced, effectively hurting your productivity and your bottom line.

Ensure Mechanical Utility Upkeep

In a similar vein, mechanical utilities and systems that are not directly related to the manufacturing process are equally important and should be maintained equally as regularly.

Preventive HVAC maintenance, for example, will keep the air within your facility fresh while moderating the temperature of the room to keep your employees comfortable and, thus, more effective.

If the conditions of the work environment are miserable, morale will plummet, and your employees will become ineffective.

Keeping your employees comfortable will also display that you have an interest in their well-being, and they will feel more inclined to perform better as a result.

Invest in Employees

Speaking of showing an interest in your employees, a great method of increasing productivity in manufacturing is to offer opportunities and training beyond the basics your team members learned in their first few days. This will make for a skilled labor force that not only presents greater opportunities for advancement but also makes manufacturing more efficient.

Your employees will understand the processes better and will be up to date on the latest trends and knowledgeable of new advancements, enabling your to business stay on the cutting edge and avoid becoming outdated.

Digitize Your Data

Regarding becoming outdated, paper files and documents are becoming a real thing of the past. Digitizing your data will not only save you money and space but having data readily available in a virtual format makes it far easier and quicker to sort and find information when necessary.

This allows employees to pull up specific documents on demand. You’ll never have to worry about losing data when it can all be backed up, copied, and stored away.

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Optimize the Floor Plan

Now that you have plenty of free space with all that paper out of the way, you can review and reorganize your floor plan as needed in order to make manufacturing quicker and easier. Proper planning of the office layout is one of the most obvious ways to improve productivity, but it can be very difficult to master.

Communicate with employees on the floor for recommendations of how you can improve the floor plan to ensure you don’t accidentally reorganize inefficiently.

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