Questions To Ask Your Potential Waste Disposal Company

Questions To Ask Your Potential Waste Disposal Company
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    As long as businesses produce goods, they will produce waste. If you’re a business owner, especially in an industrial field, you’re probably all too familiar with the sight of piled trash.


Thankfully, there is a business solution for this problem. Waste disposal companies can remove your recycling, garbage, and other unwanted debris. But you’ll want to speak to several companies before you choose one.

For your search, learn some questions to ask your potential waste disposal company.

What Is Your Typical Waste Removal Schedule?

Waste disposal companies all have their own distinct schedules. When you’re searching for the right one for your company, you want to make sure your schedules line up.

For instance, if your shipments arrive on Tuesday and Thursdays, you’ll likely want the waste disposal company to come between those days. Without a schedule that works with your needs, trash could quickly pile up.

What Are Your Costs?

Just like any business investment, you should learn the cost of the work before deciding on a company. You should know if the waste disposal company operates with annual or monthly contracts.

Ask how the prices change depending on the load. Of all the questions to ask your potential waste disposal company, this one could have the greatest impact on your decision.

What Is Included With the Pickup?

Business owners need to know which services are included with the pickup and which ones will incur an additional cost. The full scope of services that a waste disposal company provides could include bottle recycling, paper recycling, dumpster units, and much more.

If these amenities aren’t included, the costs can quickly add up. You should establish this early on so you can avoid hidden fees.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Almost all waste disposal companies throw away the following items:

  • Plastic, wood, and metal
  • Sand and dirt
  • Office furniture
  • Organic materials
  • Construction materials
  • Cardboard and paper


However, a waste disposal company may offer several other services. Depending on the company, they could offer a solution for safe lab packing.

They might even offer environmental remediation. Productive conversations with waste disposal companies should reveal all their bonuses.

Where Does My Waste Go?

You should establish where the trash will end up, especially for companies that pride themselves on their environmental consciousness. Though Europe is becoming less and less reliant on landfills, the United States still uses them very often.

As you shop for waste removal services, ask how the firms handle the waste to make sure it matches your values and those of your customers.

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What Contracts Are in Place?

Lastly, before you sign a contract with a waste disposal company, you want to learn the stipulations of the commitment.

  • Does the contract ask for any upfront costs?
  • When do you pay?
  • How often does the contract require a renewal?

Make sure the company answers these questions before you sign anything.

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