What Is a Power Whip and What Are Its Benefits

What Is a Power Whip and What Are Its Benefits
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    If you are thinking of improving your office space or renovating an older building to make it into a business or office, you may want to consider using power whips when doing so.

    Electrical systems break down over time and need updating to prevent power surges, electrocution, and sometimes even fires from happening.


With the correct insulation and new equipment, you can run your electrical outlets as inexpensively and efficiently as possible without any issues. But first, you’ll need to know what a power whip is and what its benefits are.

Understanding What Power Whips Are

Before you dive into buying a unit and installing it along with your new electrical work, you’ll need to understand what a power whip is. A power whip allows you to take the total electrical volume from the entire building and run it into your office directly.

Power whips usually run under flooring so that they’re out of sight, as they are rather large and pull an extreme amount of electricity to supply your office with.

The Power They Can Withstand

Then, that energy makes it to a modular unit for conversion, like your wall outlets. Only power whips can handle much larger loads than standard electrical wiring, which is why they are perfect for an office setting with multiple computers that require massive loads of energy to perform.

This energy is coming from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to servers and IT equipment. It is also much safer than any other kind of electrical wiring for heavy loads, as it can withstand large surges and provide electricity to entire offices from the mainline power source.

By utilizing this specialty equipment, you reduce your office’s chances of overloading circuits, blowing fuses, and dealing with surges that could cost your business time and money in potential breakdowns.

Make Sure To Have an Electrician Install It

Only a certified electrician can install a power whip properly to prevent common power problems, so make sure to make an appointment to have your electrician survey your site and give you an estimate before they install the equipment.

This will let you know whether the installation is possible at all and, if not, what you need to do moving forward so that you can adjust. They’ll also be able to quote you for installation and how much the equipment will cost to run regularly.

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Having equipment like power whips in place can save you a ton of money in electricity. It can also prevent you from a power overload, which can affect the grid around your building and your company itself. It’s also safer for your employees, as it can prevent electrical fires that might result from these overloads.

Make sure you hire a licensed electrician before installing, and you’ll end up with something reliable that will last you for years to come. So knowing what a power whip is and its benefits may benefit you in the days to come with your business endeavors.

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