Materials You Can Shred in Industrial Paper Shredders Safely

Materials You Can Shred in Industrial Paper Shredders Safely
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    Have you ever wondered what you can put into your industrial shredder?

    Here are some of the materials you can safely shred in industrial paper shredders.


Industrial shredders are very different from commonplace shredders you might have at home. While your machines at home can only shred paper, industrial shredders can do much more. There are many different types of industrial shredder blades, and these specialized blades allow the machines to shred more than just paper. Here are some of the materials you can shred in industrial paper shredders safely.


Many people think that fabric would jam a shredding machine and render it inoperable. However, most industrial shredders can dispose of fabric with ease. A few fabrics you can use in these machines are denim, cotton, linen, silk, and leather. Many companies worldwide use these industrial shredders to recycle clothing waste. After the shredding process, the companies are able to reuse and repurpose the old clothes. Because shredders can dispose of all kinds of fabric, they are not limited to just clothes. They can also dispose of rugs, carpets, and other items made of woven fabric.


Another one of the materials you can shred in industrial paper shredders safely is metal. You can shred all kinds of metal items in this machine, including paperclips, staples, sheet metal, and much more. So, the next time you have an enormous stack of papers to shred at the office, remember that you do not need to remove the staples and paperclips if you have an industrial shredder. You will save a lot of time and effort!

DVDs and CDs

Sometimes, businesses and organizations need to dispose of DVDs and CDs. In this instance, they would toss these items into an industrial shredder. You can shred both DVDs and CDs safely in an industrial shredder. After the shredding process, it is almost impossible to recover the information from that CD or DVD. This is the reason that many businesses use industrial shredders to protect the information on these types of devices.

Hard Drives

While wiping a hard drive helps protect data, your safest option is to destroy the device itself. Though you can use a hammer for this process, doing so can get quite messy, so it’s best to let an industrial shredder do the hard work for you. Additionally, destroying hard drives by hand can be dangerous, so you should use an industrial shredder to be safe. There are many types of hard drives you can shred, including laptop, server, and computer hard drives.


Of course, industrial paper shredders can also effectively dispose of paper. Unlike your shredder at home that can handle around five to eight sheets, these shredders can dispose of large amounts of paper with ease. For example, some industrial paper shredders can dispose of 500 sheets of paper at once! Clearly, these types of shredders are very useful in any office that needs to dispose of large amounts of paper. If you have a heavy-duty industrial paper shredder, you can even shred one or two sheets of cardboard.

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