Ways To Save Money While Printing Product Labels

Ways To Save Money While Printing Product Labels
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    Printing custom labels for your small business can quickly eat into your budget.

    Here’s how you can save money while printing professional labels.


When most small businesses decide to design and print custom labels for their products, they often don’t understand the accumulating costs that come with printing your own labels.

While producing your own labels is well worth the time and money invested, business owners must understand how to control the costs of their printing upfront.

In this blog, we’re examining some ways to save money while printing product labels.

Calculate Your Cost Per Label

One of the best ways to proactively plan how much of your business’s budget should be allocated toward printing is by calculating your cost per label. The price per label relates to the sum of your ink cartridge cost divided by your label capacity.

For example, if a business purchases CMYK ink that is $10 per cartridge and can print up to 1,000 labels, the cost per label will be $0.01.

Controlling your cost per label means researching the most cost-effective types of ink that your business can use. When you choose inks that last longer and can print more labels for fewer refills, your cost per label will decrease significantly.

Use Printing Accessories

Sometimes investing in the best equipment for your business can save you money in the long run. We highly recommend investing in a high-quality printer and purchasing label printer accessories for your label printing process.

Label accessories such as label roll rewinders and bottle applicators can save your company time and money by automatically organizing and applying your labels to products.

For example, label rolls rewinders will immediately collect and roll your finished labels into a tight roll with no extra labor needed and less time required.

Invest In a High-Speed Printer

The general printing speed of your printer can also massively affect your budget. The longer it takes your company to print and apply its labels, the more money it loses by not optimizing this process.

If your current label printer is older or does not run efficiently, consider replacing it with faster equipment so your business can save more in the long run.

Update Your Equipment Regularly

Most businesses don’t realize that the most effective way to save money while printing product labels is by regularly updating their equipment. The most extensive cost that most companies pay when they print their labels is repair and replacement costs.

These expenses are the result of business owners neglecting their equipment and avoiding updates on their printing technology. Even if upgrading your printer costs money, this expense pales in comparison to the payment of repairing your equipment.

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your printer. Instead, make regular updates to your equipment so that you can control the cost of using your label printer.

Reduce Your Label Size

Sometimes the size of your labels can be a significant contributor to their price. If your business needs to control the cost of its product labels, consider reducing your label size. Even small shifts in size can go a long way to decrease the amount of ink and materials needed to finish a printing task.

Test out small prototypes of your labels to see how this packaging pairs with your product. If your label size does not compromise quality, then consider permanently changing this label size.

Printing custom labels for your business comes with a myriad of benefits. However, before starting this process, company owners must consider how they can control their printing costs. Having a more realistic expectation of what expenses to expect will make your business more prepared.

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