How To Properly Maintain a Brushed DC Motor

How To Properly Maintain a Brushed DC Motor
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    Being able to properly maintain a brushed DC motor is simple but has significant payoffs.

    Here is a quick guide to making sure you have your bases covered.


Regularly maintaining your equipment is vital for any business owner, especially those in manufacturing. It’s a lot cheaper to conduct regular upkeep than to replace the gear while taking some (unpaid) time off while it’s getting fixed.

Learning how to properly maintain a brushed DC motor is as simple as being aware of any abnormal changes, conducting regular cleaning, and maintaining the brush component. Like all upkeep chores, this process will save you money in the long run and ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Visual Examination

Depending on the amount of use your DC motor gets, you should give it a quick once-over every day or at least every week. Train multiple employees in this protocol so that there are more sets of eyes watching out for any emerging damage.

You’ll be able to stop a lot of future repairs in their tracks by finding any noticeable wear and tear. For example, you might find a blockage to the cooling fan, note some signs of contamination, or determine that you need to replace worn bearings.

Auditory Inspection

It will also be helpful to ensure that all employees are aware of the difference between normal operating sounds and unnatural noises that are cause for concern. Since your employees will be working with the equipment directly, they can immediately tell when something is off.

Any irregular sounds could mean that there is something stuck or misaligned within the machine. If you don’t resolve this right away, more parts of the motor could fall into the damage zone. Even if you aren’t able to repair the issue immediately, you’ll at least know to use a different machine, take a break to focus on other tasks, or reach out to a technician that can look at the issue as soon as possible.

Regular Cleanings

After you’ve visually inspected the motor, it’s time to clean it. Luckily, most parts of a DC motor are easy to clean for the average person. Always keep the vent screen and fans cleared. You can regularly wipe away dirt, oil, and other debris from the outside and inside compartments.

Once you have the supplies, cleaning is simple and highly affordable. Additionally, regularly cleaning the motor is an easy way to prevent costly repairs and replacements down the road!

Take Care of the Brush

The brush is one of the most essential parts of a DC motor, along with the commutator. You can start by visually checking the brush to make sure there aren’t any foreign objects stuck in the bristles. If there are, immediately clear them away so that they don’t create more wear and tear. Replace the brush if it appears worn. Taking care of the brush is a downside that doesn’t come into play when using a brushless DC motor.

Furthermore, the commutator should always be smooth. If it isn’t, that means the brush was damaging it, and it’s time to replace both.

It’s imperative that managers learn how to properly maintain a brushed DC motor to keep their operations running seamlessly. This maintenance just takes a little bit of effort each week and prevents your bottom line from being ruined by unnecessary repairs.

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