Essential Medical Equipment for a Maternity Ward

Essential Medical Equipment for a Maternity Ward
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    The maternity ward in a hospital provides services for expecting patients and childbirth.

    But what do they need to offer professionals for high-quality care?


Here are a few essential types of medical equipment for a maternity ward.

Pediatric Stethoscope

In addition to other medical instruments, a stethoscope amplifies sounds in the body, such as the heart, lungs, and other organs, enabling a professional to diagnose diseases and conditions.

However, when working with infants and children, health-care staff must use a pediatric stethoscope to ensure safe care to the patient.

Pediatric stethoscopes are similar to adult stethoscopes, with the difference being the medical tool’s size and colors/designs. All health-care facilities must have this specific equipment in their maternity ward.

Labor Cot

When women give birth, they must utilize a unique table that will allow them to deliver their child safely.

A medical facility cannot use a standard cot to assist in childbirth, or else they’ll cause complications in the birthing process that could negatively affect the woman and child.

Hospitals must have a labor cot in each room of the maternity ward to provide excellent care to their patients.

Suction Apparatus

Although all hospitals must acquire a suction apparatus, it is imperative in the maternity ward. Doctors use this tool to remove obstructions from the body, such as blood, liquid, and other secretions the body may produce during childbirth.

It essentially operates as a vacuum that sucks out bodily fluids to clear the airway or promote pulmonary hygiene.

Ultrasound Machine

An ultrasound machine is an essential tool in the maternity ward that almost all patients can benefit from. Not many people know how an ultrasound machine works, but it can provide an expecting patient insight into their child’s health and gender.

However, keep in mind that an ultrasound machine can prove helpful in all areas of the hospital. Medical staff can use this machine to diagnose multiple health conditions by detecting sound waves in the body.

Although the stethoscope and ultrasound tool may sound similar, they operate differently for each patient. A doctor can only hear sounds in the body with a stethoscope, whereas an ultrasound machine enables them to see the sound waves the body produces.

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An ultrasound machine is also non-invasive, making it a popular choice amongst patients who’re preparing for childbirth. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for families to bond and “meet” the child before their birth.

As you set up specific rooms in your facility, be sure to acquire the essential medical equipment you need in a maternity ward. Your patients will appreciate your attention to detail and feel comfortable coming to you for their special pregnancy needs.

Keep in mind that you may be able to purchase these equipment pieces in pre-owned conditions. However, you must perform all necessary inspections to ensure your equipment is safe to use for your patients.

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