How Robotics Is Revolutionizing the Mining Industry

How Robotics Is Revolutionizing the Mining Industry
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    No matter what a team is mining, the work is incredibly tedious, dangerous, and intensive, making for some of the most complex work around.


In order to assist engineers, technicians, workers, and project managers alike is a squad of robots and intelligent machines specifically designed for the mining sector. Explore how robotics is revolutionizing the mining industry and why you should incorporate more technology in your mining projects.

Reducing Human Risk

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, historically and in modern times. Exposure to endless clouds of dense dust, loud resonant machine sounds, and semi-volatile explosives make for a unique concoction of health and safety hazards. Though workers understand the inherent risk in their mining work, that doesn’t mean other solutions don’t exist.

Remote-controlled robots and long-range detonators significantly reduce the hazards to mine workers. While there will always be risks associated with underground work that uses digging and explosions, a team of robots can simplify the hardest parts of the job.

Automating Mining Functions

Workers in the mining sector must complete repetitive tasks to unearth precious materials. To avoid worker risk and more efficiently use the human workforce, mining experts have found ways to automate mining functions.

Robots can now automatically drill into the earth and pulverize large rocks, taking the digging and crushing tasks away from human workers. These robots can even use GPS to navigate and avoid obstacles, making for an efficient and effective dig.

Once the materials leave the mines and pile up at the surface in a quarry, immense haul trucks can load, transfer, and dump the unearthed materials with little to no human interaction.

Fleets of these behemoth vehicles with tires over 13 feet in diameter—and a chassis that extends much higher than that—often operate semi-automatically, significantly reducing human time wasted in loading and hauling.

Today, the best operation managers understand how automated mining equipment works and are taking steps to implement these revolutionary technologies in their mines and digs.

Traverse Abandoned Mines

People dug mines decades or centuries ago to look for specific minerals and elements that were in high demand. Over the course of time, the economic push and pull of supply and demand rendered many mines negligent or emptied out, creating abandoned mines.

Whether these mines were boarded up or flooded, abandoned mines are often a source for modern materials like rare earth metals that are now increasingly popular. Robots now traverse abandoned and flooded mines without the aid of human divers, minimizing the human risk involved in searching and reopening old mines.

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Understanding how robotics is revolutionizing the mining industry can help AI researchers and mining experts alike improve how people utilize technology for industrial enhancement.

Though there will always be a need for a guiding human hand, it is safe to say that technological advancement is a surefire way to increase safety and enhance efficiency in the mining sector.

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