Tips for Product Management in Multiple Locations

Tips for Product Management in Multiple Locations
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    Opening additional business locations is usually a sign of success.

    Having more than one storefront means more consumers have access to your product.


However, managing several sites is difficult for even the most serious professionals.

There is so much to consider to ensure the product’s success, from the initial design phase to its final launch. Adding additional sites to the mix only complicates things.

That said, there are ways to oversee your product, even if it’s in other places. If you’re looking for ways to maximize efficiency in your business, consider these tips for product management in multiple locations.

Create a Standard Operating Procedure

Everyone involved with your product, from sales to manufacturing, should operate under the same set of standards. Walking into a storefront on one side of the country should provide the same experience as its counterpart on the opposite coast. Organizing your practices ensures that all partners meet expectations.

Invest in Reliable Technology

If you are responsible for product management in multiple locations, this next tip is crucial to implement since technology can make or break a business. The technology you use should be an asset to everyone involved in your product.

Investing in reliable technology helps in more ways than one. Software that manages all of your locations under one account will keep all of your essential information in one convenient place.

It will also allow you to track product sales and other important statistics, such as inventory tracking and employee time cards.

Prioritize Communication

It is easy to misinterpret information when it comes from an outside source. Many professionals with several sites run into this problem because they don’t prioritize communication between locations. Failures in this area often negatively affect sales and performance.

Streamlining your communication process will help you avoid any miscommunication with secondary locations. It also helps clarify and reduce the number of repeated questions from employees and other partners. Ultimately, an effective communication strategy will boost efficiency and keep everyone on the same page.

Find the Best Way to Move Your Inventory

Managing several sites means that you will likely need to transfer inventory or other supplies from one place to another. You will need to find the best way to move your products that is both low cost and sustainable. This is especially true if you have a lot of stuff to move or transport heavy equipment.

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You can move things using trucks, but they aren’t always the best options. Using railcar loading and unloading systems is an excellent option because it is safe and reliable. Railcars can also withstand weight, which is helpful for shipping tools and machinery that you may need for your product.

It is vital to know about potential difficulties when you open another business front. With these tips, you will be more prepared to manage your new locations successfully, whether it’s one or hundreds.

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