Warning Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repaving

Warning Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repaving
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    We all assume every time we pull into a parking lot that it’s safe to do.

    However, if a business ignores their asphalt’s needs, you may be in for a rude awakening.


These are some warning signs your parking lot needs repaving.


One of the most common warning signs is when cracks start developing over time. When moisture begins to slip through the cracks, they will become more prominent and broader. Like a crack in your windshield, it may start small, but after a night of rain, it may cover the length of the glass.

Cracks aren’t aesthetically pleasing and may cause someone to trip due to the uneven payment, resulting in a severe injury. Thus, the moment you start noticing large cracks around your parking lot, it may be time to get it repaved before the condition worsens.


Potholes are likely the result of ignored cracks and are a lot more aggravating when they form. If you work in the early morning or late night hours, the last thing you want to hit is a giant pothole when pulling in, flattening your tire, and damaging your rim before your day even begins.

Additionally, potholes provide a quick way to roll an ankle if it goes unseen. The soil moving underneath the asphalt is why potholes emerge, and filling and resurfacing them levels out the ground.


When cars, forklifts, and other heavy trucks roll along the pavement, the weight may start to warp the asphalt, creating another safety hazard for your customers and employees.

Everyone has an experience in which they were walking on even ground and stumble, looking back to notice the pavement has a slight dip. Repaving eliminates those dips, creating a flat, steady surface to walk across safely.

Faded Lines

If you want to have an idea of what anarchy can look like, take a gander at a parking lot without lines. The only parking rule is that there are no rules, frustrating patrons who are pulling in and trying to get a spot.

In addition, if there are no signs or clarification of where to go, it may be challenging for those who require handicapped parking to know where they can go. If the sun and weather erased those lines, don’t hesitate to get them repaved and repainted.

Pools of Water

If you noticed that your parking lot turns into a pool after heavy rainfall, it’s a glaring sign that you have a problem on hand. Endless collections of water on the asphalt accelerate the cracking process because cooler nighttime temperatures make water expand.

While the birds might enjoy an impromptu pool when they are gathering around, it’s best if you take away their watering hole.

Please make sure you pay attention to the warning signs your parking lot needs repaving, or else it may deter people from even visiting your business. It’s easy to remember the company that flattened your tire, so don’t become a dark cloud in someone’s eyes.

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