5 Ways We Use Technology in the Laboratory

5 Ways We Use Technology in the Laboratory
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    Just like any other modern-day field of work, laboratories are rapidly changing with the development of modern technology.

    Laboratories implement technology to become more efficient, sustainable, and effective during experiments and research processing.


Discover five ways we use technology in the laboratory and how technology is changing the field of science.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping laboratory professionals analyze and predict data in many fields, including medical laboratories.

AI in the laboratory can help during the process of data collection, drawing conclusions through correlation and causation, enhancing images, modeling, diagraming, and more. This helps lab technicians reach conclusions more rapidly and saves time for future steps.

Automation Tasks

In the same vein as AI taking over data collection tasks, automation also relieves more lab technicians of menial tasks. More and more laboratories in a variety of fields incorporate robot technology to handle basic and repetitive tasks so that lab technicians can spend time on more involved research.

With the help of robot automation and AI together, the entire lab space becomes more efficient and streamlined.

Smart Technology

Increasing numbers of laboratories are making the switch to a more digital-friendly space. Technicians utilize cloud computing and temperature control in laboratories just as we do at home or in the office.

Temperature control is especially important for labs that handle delicate materials that can quickly become unstable from fluctuating conditions, like temperature.

Assessing your laboratory and knowing the right levels of smart technology to implement is part of the strategy for a successful laboratory digital transformation.

You can even use smart technology to keep laboratory contents safe and secure by facilitating tighter security and preventing access to unqualified personnel.

Laboratory Workflow

Technology can promote work efficiency and help a laboratory use space more efficiently. Gone are the days of crouching behind a huge desktop monitor that took up a majority of your counter space.

Now, lab technicians have more mobile tablets and smartphones that allow them to work freely around the lab space. This allows for a more productive workflow and design of the lab space itself.

More Eco-Friendly Spaces

Any type of experimental laboratory is not the most sustainable for the environment. Most laboratories use a lot of energy and electricity to power their experiment and research.

However, with the implementation of sustainable technologies, laboratories can become more eco-friendly workplaces. There are all kinds of sustainable tech that laboratories can take advantage of, including LED lighting, solar power, auto-powering down computers, and more.

Gone are the old methods of performing experiments without the use of technology.

These are some practical examples of ways we use technology in the laboratory. We wouldn’t have such effective and efficient ways to gather data and measurements and conduct experiments daily in the lab without modern-day technology.

These various examples show how important technology is to such fields.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock #289023745

Image Credit: ways we use technology in the laboratory by Adobe Stock #289023745

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