Common Pallet Packing Mistakes To Avoid in Warehouses

Common Pallet Packing Mistakes To Avoid in Warehouses
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    As a warehouse manager, it’s crucial that your facility follows strict, organized, and safe pallet packing procedures.

    Some hardwood lumber pallets get packed to the brim with heavy products and merchandise; these containers can become dangerous when mishandled or stored incorrectly.


Keeping your pallets organized may seem simple, but managers make tons of errors every day when handling them.

Learn more about the most common pallet packing mistakes to avoid in warehouses here.

Overpacking Pallets

While overpacking pallets with too much product is common in many warehouses, this mistake should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, managers often risk overpacking pallets twice or three times past the regular recommended load.

However, even the densest of hardwood lumber pallets will not hold an excessive amount of weight. Therefore, overpacking your pallets is a guaranteed way not only to break a pallet and merchandise but it’s to create a significant safety hazard.

Don’t cut corners by stacking or hanging additional products onto pallets. Instead, keep these containers at their maximum weight capacity.

Avoiding Pallet Inspections

Recycling and reusing pallets is an excellent way to make the most out of your capital investment. However, when you reuse your pallets, it’s vital that managers also inspect them for damages or repairs.

Even minor signs of wear and tear can point to larger issues with a pallet’s ability to hold products safely. When warehouse managers neglect to inspect their pallets before use, broken pallets are more likely to fall apart during transportation.

Inspections are just one way that warehouses can avoid breaking their stock. Remember to always check your warehouse’s pallets before reusing these materials.

Faulty Pallet Stacking

When they’re used correctly, pallets can revolutionize the organization of your warehouse. They’re ideal for neatly packing and stacking large quantities of merchandise.

They make loading and unloading easy, and they also have specific dimensions to keep products packed and secure. However, many warehouses miss out on this advantage by improperly stacking their pallets.

Whenever multiple pallets are getting stacked together, it’s critical that employees pay attention to the type of pallet they’re stacking and their height-width ratio. Stacking different types of pallets with different ratios could result in them falling or causing major damages.

Paying attention to these details is critical in order for your warehouse to operate without safety hazards or productivity setbacks. Ensure that all of your employees have received proper pallet handling training before stacking your pallets.

Managing a warehouse is no simple task but following these common pallet packing mistakes to avoid in warehouses could improve the organization and safety of your facility. Remember to inspect and handle your pallets with care.

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