Top Safety Tips for Working in a Machine Shop

Top Safety Tips for Working in a Machine Shop
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    Protection against hazards should be your priority when working on a shop floor.

    Keep the top safety tips for working in a machine shop in mind when you land a job in the field.


Heavy machinery is not something to mess around with and has severe consequences if mishandled.

Utilize the PPE Given to Employees

If you were just hired in a factory that uses machines on the shop floor, use the personal protective equipment they hand out. This usually includes safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, shoes, etc. Check-in with your company policies to see what PPE is necessary.

Avoid Loose Clothes and Jewelry

Any loose clothing or jewelry is in danger of being caught in a machine. Even if you are further away from moving parts, there is always a chance a hood on a sweatshirt will get sucked into the machine, carrying you along with it.

In general, keep your wardrobe appropriate for the workplace and safe for you to wear on the shop floor.

Find Appropriate Shoes

Shoes are crucial in factory work. Depending on the materials you are using, normal tennis shoes are acceptable. However, avoiding dangers in a welder’s shop might require the use of steel-toed shoes.

Most employers offer a stipend for safety shoes; check with your employer if this is a program they fund for their employees.

Implement Lock-Out-Tag-Out Procedures

A top safety tip for working in a machine shop is implementing lock-out-tag-out procedures. This is an effective way to ensure machines stay offline while technicians work on it.

After switching off the machine, a lock and tag are put on the device. This keeps other workers from turning the machine back on with someone in it.

Report Any Fixes Immediately

Maintenance technicians are on standby for a reason. If you notice defective products or an issue with the machine, contact maintenance right away. This stops the machine from creating extra hazards and secures the safety of workers in the area if the problem is dealt with right away.

Machine shops can provide dangerous work environments, making safety protocols a must. If a worker can follow proper safety tips, then the factory floor as a whole will be safer for everybody. Always keep your and others’ safety at the forefront of your mind when working on machines.

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