How To Improve Employee Collaboration in the Office

How To Improve Employee Collaboration in the Office
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    One of the critical factors to a thriving workplace is employee collaboration.

    Over the past couple of years, many businesses switched to working-from-home, but now, people are returning to the office.


If you want to improve your work environment, check out some tips we put together on how to improve employee collaboration in the office.

Communicate Expectations to Employees

Collaboration in the workplace starts with you, and you have to make the expectations known to your employees to foster an environment that encourages teamwork. Some people have negative reactions when they hear collaboration, but you can assuage any concerns by showing them how collaboration will help the company and make their jobs easier.

Offer your ideas and expectations for collaboration in the office, and let your employees give feedback and ideas to begin the collaborative process.

Go Paperless

If you haven’t already, there are many reasons to make your office go paperless, and one of the biggest is that it helps promote collaboration. Instead of printing, filing, and organizing paper documents all the time, going paperless makes it easier for your employees to access and find the documents they need.

More access means it’s easier to share with other employees, which means one less barrier to employees collaborating on work.

Using Online Communication Platforms

While you’re going paperless, consider an online communication platform for your employees to interact more easily with one another online.

Office communication platforms like Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack make it easy for employees to directly message one another, share files, and collaborate in group settings.

You still want face-to-face collaboration, but an excellent first step is to get your employees collaborating in online groups, fostering relationships, then moving to more face-to-face interactions.

Foster Employee Relationships

Usually, the biggest obstacle to employee collaboration is that they don’t know each other that well. As the office leader, it’s up to you to promote office friendships by organizing team activities and interactions such as team-based competitions, happy hour socials, meet-and-greets, and more.

The more you help your employees interact, the easier it’ll be for them to collaborate. The more they collaborate, the better ideas and work they can accomplish, and your office will function better.

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Cultivate a Judgement-Free Workplace

Another barrier that keeps many from communicating and collaborating with others is a fear of judgment. When you’re brainstorming with employees, you want people to throw out ideas so that you can find the best one.

It’s crucial to cultivate a judgment-free workplace, which starts at the top by encouraging sharing and feedback without judgment. When people are less intimidated to share ideas, you’ll start to receive more ideas.

Those are some simple but effective tips on how to improve employee collaboration in the office. Often, it comes down to the top of the office leading by example by collaborating and communicating with other employees. This encourages collaboration throughout the rest of the office.

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