Conference Room Organization Tips for Great Meetings

Conference Room Organization Tips for Great Meetings
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    Your employees are probably returning to the office in some capacity.

    Whether the entire staff is returning at once or on an alternating schedule, your office needs to be ready.


One of the most important spaces to get ready is your conference room since you may be having in-person meetings again. Keep reading to learn some conference room organization tips for great meetings.

Control Your Equipment

Depending on how many people come back to the office, you may have meetings where staff are both in the office and remote. You need to have good audio and video equipment so everyone can equally participate.

Even if your whole staff is in the office, you may have a client who needs to meet with a group remotely, and your conference room will be the best place to do that.

Make sure your audio and video equipment are updated and ready to go so you can see and hear everything important.

If you want to effectively manage your conference room space, then the cables and cords for your equipment need to be hidden away. Many tables come with ports or hiding spots for this exact reason, so use those as much as possible.

If you don’t have that kind of table or you’ve filled everything up, try to run cables behind or under furniture, taping them to the wall or floor to prevent anyone from tripping.

Buy the Right Furniture

With social distancing still an important part of life, your need to buy furniture for your space that can move easily. This also allows you to have more flexible meetings. Choose lightweight pieces or have rollers so you can reconfigure your conference room as needed.

If you pick the wrong one, even if it’s lightweight and has wheels, your conference table might stand in the way of your reconfiguring needs. The size and shape of your table should depend on the dimensions of your conference room.

For narrower conference rooms, choose a rectangular table. If it has wheels or is light enough, you’ll be able to push it into the corner and out of the way as needed.

For smaller, square-shaped conference rooms, choose a round table. A round table is ideal for meetings in a small space, as it fits more chairs than a rectangle or square would.

Invite Fewer Participants

Furniture and equipment aren’t the only things that will need organizing in a conference room—people do too. Invite fewer participants and focus only on those who need to be there; then the room will feel less crowded and, therefore, more organized.

If more people need to come to the meeting than comfortably fit in your conference room, consider an alternative location or multiple meetings with smaller groups.

Controlled equipment, the right furniture, and fewer participants are all conference room organization tips for great meetings. With fewer people to worry about, easily moveable furniture, and equipment that will allow for productive meetings but won’t get in the way, your conference room will be ready when your employees come back to the office.

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