4 Tips for Improving Poor Business Internet Speeds

4 Tips for Improving Poor Business Internet Speeds
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    Businesses of all sizes require a secure connection to the internet.

    Customers want to purchase products and services online, and your employees need to be able to stay connected with customers and coworkers.


But what happens when your business internet speeds are too slow? Poor internet speeds can lead to decreased productivity, lost sales, and frustrated employees.

These four tips for improving poor business internet speeds will help you get your business back.

Make Sure Your Network Is Secure

One of the first things you should do if you are experiencing slow internet speeds is to check your network security. An unsecured network can leave your business vulnerable to attacks, which can slow down your internet connection.

Make sure your network is password-protected and that only authorized employees have access. Consider investing in a firewall to protect your network from potential threats.

Take Control of Applications and Devices

Another way to improve slow business internet speeds is to take control of the applications and devices using your network. Many businesses allow employees to use their own devices for work purposes.

While this can increase productivity, it can also decrease internet speeds if employees are not using optimized devices for business use.

To help improve internet speeds, create a list of approved devices and applications permitted on your network.

Requiring permission will help you take control of your network and ensure that only devices and applications that will not slow down your internet are able to connect.

Move the Router to a Better Signal Spot

If you are still experiencing slow internet speeds after taking steps to secure your network and limit the number of devices and applications using your connection, it may be time to move your router.

Place your router in a central location to ensure that all devices in your office have a strong signal. If your router is too close to a wall or a corner, the signal may be weak and lead to slower internet speeds.

Choosing a spot near your LAN port can improve your connection. The length of ethernet cables matters when it comes to speeds, and a shorter cable will provide better performance than a longer one.

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Always Upgrade Firmware

One of the most important things to improve business internet speeds is regularly upgrading your router’s firmware. Firmware is the software that helps your router operate, and new versions are released regularly to improve performance and security. If you are not sure how to upgrade your router’s firmware, contact your ISP or the manufacturer of your router for instructions.

Following these four tips for improving poor business internet speeds will help you get your business back. Slow internet speeds can decrease productivity and lead to lost sales and frustrated employees.

You can keep your business running smoothly by taking steps to secure your network and optimize your devices.

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